Exile Update?

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  1. Yooo my first post! iI was saving it for a good time and this is it!!!
    I ordered Exile and a distortion, i ordered Exile before Oct. 9 so i know i recieve a free deck of Gaurdians BUT does anyone know when i should expect my package to come? i did standard shipping(4-7 days) Please Help!
  2. due to the delay i think it starts shipping this friday sooo about wednesday or thursday of next week i would say so yeah!

    your distortion dvd will probably get there before exile though
  3. dont you think they would ship them all together?
  4. it's based on where you lived.
  5. From what I read , they will ship together.
  6. ok thanks, so you sure itll ship on friday?
  7. well im thinking distortion will ship first because exile doesn't ship until friday due to that is when it is released but i don't know they might ship them both on friday.
  8. It all ships together because if they were different it would be wasting money on theory 11's part. They would have to pay for two shipping when they received payment for one.
  9. I am positive that on the Exile page , it said that anything on the same order will be shipped when Exile Ships.... I am not sure that it will ship Friday other than the fact that T-11 has given that as a ship date...
  10. J told us that the wouldn't be receiving the DVDs until Monday, so I'd expect them to ship them Monday or Tuesday. You should get it either late this week or early next week.


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