Favorite Card Magicians

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  1. Bill Malone, Greg Wilson, Lennart Green, Tommy Wonder, Micheal Ammar, of course Dai Vernon (man I wish I could've seen him just once), and Richard Turner (he claims not to be a magician, but he still is in my mind),
  2. 1. Wayne Houchin

    2. Daniel Garcia

    3. David Blaine


  3. WAYNE HOUCHIN!! No doubt!!
  4. Jordan Lapping
    Joel Paschall
    Daniel Garcia
    David Stone
    Chris Kenner
  5. Has anyone mentioned Jonathon Kamm yet?


    This is probably his most popular video, but be sure to check out his youtube page to see loads of incredible card handling effects.

  6. Billy Nerhing is pretty good, He could work on some stuff though..
  7. im definately gonna say Daniel Madison followed by bill malone an then doug henning...(old school)
  8. Favorite magicians who use cards.

    Blaine-He's just so smooth with everything, and street/closeup magic is his specialty.
    Chris Kenner-Just watching him do the S.W.E. Shift...yeah...his other stuffs cool too :p
    Daniel Madison-A lot of out of the box thinking, his philosophy on any means to create an end has served him well.
    Bill Malone-Humor mixed with some of the best card handling out there.
    Danny Garcia-All of his work is great, his card stuff falls into that.
    Michael Ammar- He's pretty damn smooth with everything, cards in his hands become works of art.


    Watching Penn and Teller when they work with cards is always fun.
  9. Oz pearlman,DB for street maigc or for the crowd.
    Richard sanders,for entertaining people.
    The Bucks,for the flawless flourish,smooth feeling
  10. Favourite of all time = Ricky Jay and Derren Brown. Always love watching them
  11. How did I forget Ricky Jay!? Of course Ricky Jay is one of my favs.
  12. Well I'm gonna have to say me!
    No, I suck.
    Probably Wayne Houchin or John Carney
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    To watch?
    Ricky Jay - When he got, er, overwieght? then he was awesome!
    Bill Malone - He's just awesomely funny
    Joel Paschall
    The Virts
    Syd Segal - He's just so...normal and natural -not to mention extremly nice.
  14. Wow. I'm surprised no one mentioned Chad Nelson. If someone did I must have missed their post.

    Anyways mine are in no particular order:

    Dai Vernon
    David Stone
    Shoot Ogawa
    Bill Malone
    Lennart Green
    Daniel Garcia

    I love them all!
  15. In no particular order:
    Jordan Lapping
    Dan & Dave Buck
    Chris Kenner
    Aaron Fisher
  16. David Blaine
  17. David Acer,Jay Sankey,Daniel Madison,Gregory Wilson,Dan And Dave,Josha Jay.One of those????

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