Favorite Cardistry Videos Here!

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by UnknownMagician93, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Great choices. In the second video with the cards popping out and catching it to make the box... HOLY SH!TCAKES. And the Ciappi one with the hand handed double fan.... omg.

    I hate Lady Gaga shiz but Gary A. is amazing.
  2. Ciappi is a monster:)
  3. I can not name a top 3 because I have so many...check my youtube favorites for all my my favorite cardistry/xcm/flourishing videos, so I'll just say some very innovating videos

    CCC2009- Brendan Luka Spencer

    Card Catching Concept


    Kickass 2

    I have them all in my favorites just go to my channel in my signature... :D
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    can be bothered to post link so i will say there names lol

    1.48 dumplings
    2.blackpool 2009
    3. sexytime by thecuso
  5. UnknownMagician93, thank you for linking to that video from Aviv. Saw it a while ago but had forgotten all about how awesome it is!
  6. Your welcome man!
  7. all three Ellusionist Kent movies!
  8. ^ you know whats surprising. This video was a while back, and Mat and Max are twice as good now, but yet that video still was beast
  9. The F Project was awesome! Also anything by EllusionistKent, or JaytheChineseGuy.
  10. 1.) Lethal Preview from Daniel Madison:


    The moves, the energy, the black & whiteness, the music, the speed. This is one of the most impactful cardistry videos I have ever seen. I still get chill every time I watch it.

    2.) Andrei's The'me


    I mean comon, it doesn't get much sexier than that.

    3.) The Trilogy Preview from Dan & Dave.

    Not even gonna post a link. :p I knew how to do the Charlier, a few fans, and some of the stuff from Xtreme Beginnerz before I saw that preview. I didn't even know it could look that cool...

    I know I posted from 3 of the top-dawgs, but whatever, they really are my favorites. :D
  11. i also love
    sexy time
    by alejandro, sebastian and dimitrij
  12. My personal favorite is the Guardian preview video. It is the thing that got me interesting in Flourishing

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