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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kmagic25, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I was just messing around with my cards and i was wondering, when you have a deck of cards in your hands, what are the couple things you just play around with.
    Mine are probably: faro shuffle, card spring, molecule 2, and a couple things i came up with.
  2. Ahhh. Nice thread.

    For me: the erdnase multiple top palm, the side steal, the cop and the dribble block pass.
  3. Hermann Pass. I nowadays usually use a Hermann turnover or the Midnight shift but it just feels nice to practice. I also do bullet shot, undercover switch, and orbit control. I do occasionally practice a few palms and mucking techniques, mainly the macmillan switch, but now I'm practicing my riffle stacking and mexican turnover.
  4. the pass. diff variations. but basically the pass
  5. I love doing the anaconda dribble. It is so addicting!
  6. When I'm sitting at my desk it's normally various forms of bottom deal. If there's no table, then it's the ten shifts from Erdnase (OK, just for clarification, maybe there aren't really ten completely different shifts in Erdnase, but including the suggested variations, there are.)
  7. Recently, I've been doing Mike's Move, and the required move in Diplopia.
  8. ahh haha Mike's Move, if it is what im thinking of. Fun move
  9. nice. when i'm on public transport i'm doing that while colour separating with a cull.
  10. have you heard of doing it by 10? makes it a bit faster
  11. classic pass, gravity half pass, one handed popover, the ambitious raiser move, top/bottom palm, top change, distribution technique.
  12. for diplopia? That subtlety is beautiful.
  13. For me its the faro. All types. I just love to faro. Its addicting for me.

    Lately I been doing the DPS more often also.
  14. I sometimes do it that way, but I don't need to. I can do it the normal way in about 13 seconds, and at that speed, doing it using base 10 really doesn't speed it up by that much (only by 1-2 seconds on a perfect run - basically, it's only a matter of how fast I can spread through the deck card by card).

    The plain and simple easiest way, though, I think, is first to use base 10, and secondly, to verbally restrict the cards to only number cards - that way, you never have to look at 8 picture cards in the second run through.

    But really, I honestly never had any trouble with doing it the way Paul gives it - and I'm fast enough doing that that using base 10 is nice, but not at all necessary (I'd only use it in combination above to ensure I look for 2 cards max, not 4 the original way). I've read a lot of posts about people who don't use it because it's too challenging for them though. I've never really understood that, but if that does happen to people, then base 10 is definitely a lot easier.
  15. Clipshift. A flourish I'm making. Some card shifts I'm working on making.
  16. spring, the werm, L cuts, and lately I've been trying to balance cards on different parts of my hand and do different two handed cuts. It's pretty addicting.

    And the click change.
  17. i love to practice culling and separating all the colors
  18. (False) shuffles and the pass (classic and herrmann pass). Especially the faro shuffle is addictive.
  19. I have a couple of moves I've come across on my own that I'm working on, the side steal definitely gets a lot of attention, just recently started practicing the classic pass, and my double lifts.

    I also enjoy taking one card and controlling or color changing it as many was as I can think of fluidly without repeating.
  20. Faro,
    Classic pass
    Fan (pressure thumb bassackerwards fan, blank)
    Color Changes (paint brush, classic, jones)
    Riffle stack
    charlier cut

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