Favourite Control?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by knowledge, Apr 9, 2009.


    you should make this your signature. it's like you are advertising you know nothing about what a decent control is.

    I would bet you that a well supported / executed cascade control looks 10 times more natural than any of your passes, especially when your hands are being burned by spectators.
  2. Sorry for my ignorance, but I thought a pass was still a control, isn't it?

    However. There are controls that are COMPLETELY invisible, much more than a pass.
  3. My top 3 controls I use:
    1.Dribble Control (Clipshift)
    2.Riffle Pass
    3.Double Undercut
  4. Lee Asher's Losing Control deserves so much more recognition than it has, it's hands down the best control for real life situations, there's simply no competition.
  5. You're awesome. An example: a Stop trick. The deck needs to be shuffled, you're doing some psychology thingy. If you have it on top without shuffling, and they stop you early, then its the "card raising to a named location" thingy. Two different stuff.

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