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FedExed by Michael Paul

Oct 24, 2007
FedExed by Michael Paul
A Review​

Effect: Magically (visually) mail a playing card box and a selected, marked, card through a window, into another room, or any other ridiculously impossible place your sick, twisted little mind can imagine. Fed exed is a stunning card and card box to impossible location, without the stunning difficulty or angles. This is real worker, magic that you can perform in the real world. It’s also TV quality, and versatile enough to fit into just about any act.

Teaching: The teaching is very very easy to follow. Michael included video clips embedded into the PDF along with the text, so that you can see what is going on as you follow along.

Layout: The layout of the PDF is simple, yet effective. The graphics for the cover aren't great, but that's coming from a graphic designer. Also, the graphics don't really matter, because the effect you recieve is of the highest quality.

Gimmick: There is a gimmick needed for the trick, but it is nothing horribly hard to make, or hard to get rid of. It took me all of three minutes to make it, and I won't have to make it again for a long time.

Clean-up: Michael explains some easy ways to end clean and if you have sufficient knowledge in the area of card magic, you can probably think of some ways to end clean as well.

Difficulty: This trick isn't difficult at all. Really, to perform it, you need a simple knowledge of card magic and you need to be able to move your hands. Other than that, you're set.

Reactions: This trick actually hits really hard. Give some good patter and build up the effect and you have a real worker here. I've used it successfully so far and have gotten great reactions from it. It definitely has a place in my repritoire now.

Overall: Michael Paul did really great with this effect. Simple, hard-hitting, easy, and pretty much self-working. I couldn't recommend it more! And I actually am much more interested with the rest of Michael Paul's work, as this effect was so good.


Tyler Johnson
Sep 5, 2007
Thanks very much for the really nice comments!!!!

Anyone that doesn't have this can get one at

Thanks again!
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