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  1. I picked up Calen Morelli's effect, 'Transit,' a while ago and have been itching to start practicing it.

    However, I cannot for the life of me find colored rubber bands in any Staples store that I go in to. When
    I went in to a local Staples yesterday, I found colored rubber bands only in a ball (they weren't the correct ones, either,) and in an assortment pack that contained a variety of other office supply-related items (which was way to expensive if I was only in it for the rubber bands).

    Anybody have any intel for me as to where I can find the correct rubber bands?

  2. If you have a magic store in your area you can go there, maybe they'll have some otherwise, i think you could buy them on ebay or some good google search will do.
  3. I'll have to check my local magic store. If they don't have them, I'll look online..I'm sure that I could purchase them from somewhere.
  4. Wow I have the same problem but with the gimmick. I purchased it and when I saw how it was done, I immediately went to staples to get supplies for the gimmick. But I can never find it. I always find the colored ones but they are too small and it doesn't fit right. I have a rubber band ball that is colored so I don't need rubber bands but the gimmick, I can not find to save my life. I always find it too small. Any tips on finding the gimmick?
  5. Cyan Alliance rubber bands are the blue super stretchy and durable ones used in most rubber band tricks you see. I don't have transit, but in the trailer I believe he uses these due to their blue color.
  6. Hey guys, if you're having trouble finding the supplies, shoot a message to our support team and if you'd like, we can upgrade your purchase to the DVD + Download combo for an additional $5 (plus shipping). The DVD includes all of the materials necessary to perform the effect, so it may save you time versus finding and buying things elsewhere. Always happy to help!

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