FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

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  1. Very, very simple. Calen makes the gimmick with you in real time in the video. It will take you about 10 minutes, and you'll be set for hundreds of performances. No sewing necessary, of course. Enjoy!
  2. You are correct - you will get one scratch card with each shipped item you purchase. If you purchase 12 decks and 1 DVD, you will get 13 cards. Two DVD's and you'll get 2 scratch cards. And so on and so forth. Each card is one chance to win, and the only way to find out if you're a winner is to rip open the package and scratch it off and see!
  3. I'm assuming this is hundreds of performances with the one shirt that you set up or when you make the gimmick, can it be easily switched to another shirt?
  4. are there any plan to launch another JACKS & JOKERS tshirts??

    alrite maybe this friday i will start shopping...:D

    ps: for my black friday shipment, i dont get any of the tracking number.
    status said "shipping" but costumer service said its will soon be ship wait until my SMOKE order back in stock..
    j.bayme please help me with this.
  5. Dresscode looks amazing but why is it not available to download? I'd hate to pay 8$ extra and wait 3 weeks to get it in UK :(
  6. Just to make sure - even if I buy 12 decks of cards (since they're delivered as a 12-pack if I'm not mistaken) I still get scratch cards for every deck and not for the one pack? Because then I'll just buy 11 instead. ;)

    This contest looks sah-weat to say the least. I'm going to have trouble justifying buying new decks this soon but I'll definitely do my best to find an excuse. I believe I wouldn't be at a good enough level to get the most possible out of the Vegas session despite it sounding awesome, but all of the prizes are must-haves. With the camera I can get going with my filming, with the year supply of decks I could, well, use a whole year of awesome decks without having to worry about wearing them out etc. Simply great prizes and it's going to seriously hurt my wallet.
  7. I have a question about DRESSCODE :

    Is the necessary material for constructing the gimmick provided with the DVD? Or should I buy it? And if so, how much does it cost approximatively?

    Anyway, thanks to all the Theory11 crew, that will be a pure christmas this year :D
  8. Everything you need for Dresscode is provided with purchase, aside from whatever shirt you want to use for the change. The reason why it is a DVD versus a Download is that we wanted to provide you with everything you need, so you can get started immediately when the package arrives in the mail.
  9. Perfect, that was what I expected !

    Thanks Jonathan :)
  10. I just went WOW, guys. I'm very excited about those five new projects. By the way, Dresscode looks SICK! I just can't describe how sick it looks. Calen's mind truly is creative.
  11. Ok, i'll say it. The Hole Thing is exactly what a friggin sandwich routine should look like. That's pure magic. The only other sandwich routine I was ever really intrigued by was d+M's The Replacements. And that's because yeah, it was a sandwich routine, but the highlight was that the sandwich cards kept changing, which you wouldn't expect from a sandwich routine. That's why I liked it though, it's something you wouldn't expect. That's why I like this.

    Good one on you Mayhew, love it.

    Dresscode is unreal. Calen did a fantastic job. D1IE looks amazing.

    The two Foundation volumes is easily something that everyone should own. Jason's teaching is absolutely priceless.

    Theory11, you guys out did yourselves.
  12. Once I get DRESSCODE, I just may do my first review on it! I'm stoked I can't wait for it to come in the mail!
  13. Yes, Hole thing looks amazing, I will definitely get it. Hopefully gimmick is not to hard to make.

    I guess you don't get scratch cards if you download something?

    I have to say that this is HUMONGUS contest, and kudos on that. I just think it is not fair in a way :)
    Let's say that for $50 someone can order 30 decks of bicycles and get 30 scratch cards, and someone would buy a DVD and get only 1 card for the same money. Or if someone is overseas they will have to pay half the price on the shipping only. So again, for someone who lives next to T11 warehouse and someone in China, is not the same thing.

    Maybe, just my idea, for the next contest of this kind, give out scratch cards equal to the ammount of MONEY spent after checkout, instead of the amount of things purchaced. It will be more fair that way.
  14. Ok ok, I've got to hand it to you guys..
    You've really outdone yourselves this time.
    i just ordered dresscode and the Industrial cards and i'm SO excited. Things are looking absolutely awesome.
    Happy holidays.
  15. Is the trip to Vegas airfares from anywhere in the world, or just within the US?
  16. Can you do most of your daily thing with the Dresscode gimmick on?
  17. Absolutely. You can wear the Dresscode gimmick all day long. You can even wear it at school all day without anyone noticing.
  18. Ever since my birthday back in August, I received A Clockwork Apple by Mayhew, which includes his Holes Concept and his card warp routine Whole Warp. The Hole Thing is definitely something that is very easy to do, yet looks like pure magic. It's impossible that nothing is between the Jokers before the sandwich. It is one of the strongest sandwiches I've ever done to real people. The 'gimmick' is REALLY easy to make; he shows you in the preview video and it's exactly what you see. The cards are completely examinable by your spectators. Also, A Clockwork Apple has some explanation problems; things weren't taught right in some parts. Therefore, a video instruction helps a LOT, and you definitely get a lot of return from such simple tricks as the Hole Thing contains.
  19. But on the product page for DeckOne, it says they aren't shipping until friday anyway, so why couldn't V.5 go on pre-sale like DeckOne?
  20. I agree. I made an order at Black Friday and i hate that i always have to pay so much for shipping because i live in Europe. I really think it is a great contest, but personally i liked the Black Friday, since everyone was winners (if they ordered for 25 $ or 50 $) and you did even get a great discoint.
    I'd love to see a contest that is equally fair to everyone in the world.

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