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Flip Video Camera for Magic?

Flip or Other?

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I'm thinking of buying a flip video camera to record my magic. They shoot in HD, come with their own editing software, the one I'm thinking of can shoot 2 hours of video, it's 8 GB, and best of all it's only $140. If anyone knows of another camera that would be useful that's relatively inexpensive your advise is welcome. Or if you believe this is a good idea please say so as this advise is welcome as well. Thank you for your replies.
Jan 12, 2011
A bit more info on exactly what you will be filming would be nice(on the street, at home with preperation, stage, etc). I will say that the Flip editing software will not be too good, and the sound on a flip will be TERRIBLE.
Jan 12, 2011
When I watch street magic I prefer to listen to the patter used and reactions instead of just music. Do you have a budget? Because I would probably go for a slightly better camera and a mic for street. If your set on using music then I would just invest in a better camera that isn't excessive for you.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
the directional mic on Flip's isn't terrible, but if your in a loud environment you will definitely have issues. I'v used a flip for several videos, and while its not the best, it does the job for the price. Im hoping to switch to a canon vixia soon.
Jan 12, 2011
The most money I can use is probably $200, but I prefer it as low as possible. What are your suggestions as far as audio goes? I won't mind non-HD video quality, but it can't be horrible either.

If you're going with a flip, and it has a port for external mics, then I would do that. Or you could get a seperate recorder/mic.


forum moderator / t11
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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Your best bet would be to save a tad more money and buy a small HD cam for around $300 which will provide you with a much nicer sound quality and better zoom. If you are just "messing around" and don't care much then the FLIP will be fine but I know way too many guys who say they wished that would have passed on the FLIP because they were not happy with the picture and sound quality.
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