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  1. I know that technically it is sort of and sort of not on topic, but I had a product question before I bought it. I was looking into the Flip Video Mino Video camera, and I know that some of the guys here use flip, like Bayme. So I was wondering how you liked it, and if it was worth me getting it?

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  2. I have a flip video ultra, great quality for the price. Definately not a camera for professional jobs, but good enough for me.
  3. As much as I do love the Flip for quick on-the-spot videos, I have to hand it to the new Kodak Zi6. It's the same price, and shoots some incredible video in HD. Here's a sample vid I found online. It records to SD card, and also takes stills (unlike the Flip).
  4. Much like the Zi6 that JB just mentioned, I bought a similar product from Aiptek (www.aiptek.com). I found it on clearance at Target. The products from this company are similar to the flip (small camcorders) but most take removable memory cards and have additional features, like voice recorder, and still camera capability. You can get one of these for the same or lower price as a Flip. A friend of mine bought one of these as well, and he has been happy with it. If you look at the site, both my friend and I have the A-HD 720P, which is a high def model. The actual High def setting is a little choppy, but if you back it down to what they call DVD quality, it's totally fine.

    The flip is a great unit. This is just another alternative.

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