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  1. hey y’all looking for ideas for a magic bar I’m opening up soon and need some insight on some food magic presentations using food items anything related to food if you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it thank you guys love you all you
  2. Do you mean magic tricks with food, or do you mean menu items with a magical presentation on the plate/glass/whatever?

    First thing that comes to mind for magic with food is cups and balls with a shaker and olives/limes/oranges. Coasters can be used for manipulation acts, similar to card manipulation or CD manipulation. Card under glass is a classic bar trick.

    Have you watched anything by Doc Eason?
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  3. Thanks I appreciate all the help and looking for both actually that helps a lot lol lots of great ideas
  4. You could use dove pans to make some dishes appear in front of customers? a lot of the stuff you could do will depend on what level of skill your staff would have.

    Christopher's suggestion is excellent, but would be predicated by your staff already having some skill in cups and balls or cd manipulation, or having the time, inclination, and opportunity to develop those effects.

    Depending on your preferences, I would probably go for gimmicks rather than sleights, as I know the restaurant industry can have a high staff turnover.
  5. I think there's a Penn and Teller book completely dedicated on how to play with food or something, check that out maybe?
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  6. Jiggernaut by Mark Genest
  7. Barblade by Tom Brooks is great for bar magic especially if you are serving beer.

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