Forcing Question: Slip Cut Force vs. Riffle Force

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sergey, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. They are pretty similar but which one do you prefer, because I was thinking of starting to use slip-cut force instead of the riffle force. I was also thinking of starting to learn Classic force but that's another matter, because I need a sure-fire one right now too.
  2. I like the Riffle Force better, but the Slip is pretty darn good. If you can get the Classic Force down, though, nothing beats it. It took me more than a couple of months to do it, but I'm glad I took the time to learn it correctly.
  3. i usually do the riffle force... but it really depends on what you like to do... but as the guy above me said... nothing beats the classic.... if you can do it
  4. I'd go for Riffle Force... There are tons of subtleties to make it work, including how you actually cut to the card (e.g. John Gustaferro's 'Ballet Cut'...).
    Slip Cut is a little bit... Ermmm... 'Noisy' for me... And I've found that many people actually know how to do it, compared with the Riffle.

  5. i say riffle force because its more convincing
  6. Slip cut is a lot more fair, but I prefer the riffle force.

    I've been starting to use a cull force though because I'm too lazy to work on my classic, hahah.
  7. forcing

    riffle force is great and my friend uses it religiously! i think its ok, but as said before the classic is the best. the only problem with these is whenyou get a heckler that stops you right at the begining or very end, so my personal favorite it the overhand shuffle force i learned on. . .ninja, 2 i think. its very natural and once you get the timing down its almost inpercivable, practialy angle proof and you can just glimpse the top card and go right into it. also it doesnt matter when they stop you it can be after two seconds or two minuetes only thing is you can only maintain a small setup at the top, but over all its my favorite.
  8. Out of interest has anyone else here used the double lift as a force?

    You can spread out the deck on the table, get them to slide a card out, gather the cards place their selection on top of the deck, double lift et. K.M. Move and you've got a really decent force.

    Of course different tricks have different requirements and especially with regards to uniformity of action.

    - Sean
  9. Hmm, I never thought of that, I could see that being a decent force.

    But liek most p[eople have said, the classic force is probably the best and most fair force out there.

    But to answer your questions, I usually use the riffle force.
  10. i prefer the slip cut force as it seems more fair as the spec can stop you anywhere. i have never been caught out using it
  11. Ditto. The riffle force looks very fair to the laymen. I'm working on the Classic but I use the Cull force for now...
  12. I hate the riffle force. I use the very simple, and very deceptive Cross Cut force. This is often overlooked because of its simplicity, and can probably be found in very basic card magic books, but it's definitely my favourite force, simply because it looks so fair and will never fail.

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