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  1. Are you super serial? (Ah Al Gore from South Park)

  2. Yep all of Jason Englands 1on1s on DVD. Nothing to new if you have or know them already. Look forward to seeing the preview though.
  3. I'd totally get it! It'll probably be for a lower price too. I can learn gambling sleights! Heard their really hard, but does Jason England really use them to cheat at casinos?:confused:
    Sorry, don't know much about gambling sleights.
  4. Most likely not, but they do get Card Sharks in (that they can trust) to test/train the security.

    Cheers, Tom
  5. I've recently become more and more interested in gambling-esque moves lately. This looks like it would be a great start.
  6. I think I'll pass on this and get, "Expert at the Card Table."
  7. Not sure what you mean by that. If you don't have Expert at the Card Table already, I really wouldn't recommend getting this DVD - as in truth it's intended for the serious student of sleight of hand. If anything, it's an incredible complement to Erdnase, or if you are new to card magic, it's a great foundation on which to build and study some serious moves.

    Nowhere in Erdnase, however, will you have an expert there in front of you to watch - literally SHOWING you the pitfalls and issues you are likely to run into on each move, and helping you through it. That experience is invaluable - and something that has in the past been extremely rare.
  8. Only a couple of the moves on this are in expert. I'm not saying do not get it, but I am saying if you like the style, consider this.
  9. You said the same thing in the media section so I thought I'd say it here too since you posted it.

  10. Agreed. Expert At The Card Table is filled with incredibly difficult material that can not be mastered in just a couple of weeks.
    I would be buying this mostly for the pitfalls. The teaching is also coming from someone who has worked with these moves for years and knows them like the back of his [ninja] hands.

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  12. T11 is getting pretty weird.. Last year they showed us preview Totally Out Of Control DVD (most of you probably even forgot that). Then DG's Symphony and even before releasing that they announce new project..
  13. Well, they chose not to release TOOC however nothing has been mentioned in regards to symphony.
  14. Actually they haven't. Almost once every one to two weeks, we see a new thread about TOOC. Kenner and Katie are both very busy. They are having a child in a few months and on top of it Kenner is of course busy with his job with David Copperfield. Together they both decided that now was not the time to work on this project. Katie posted about this a little while back. The project WILL come, but it will have to wait a while. Some will be re-shot and some new things that originally weren't going to be in there will be put in. Also, JB said in the iTricks live chat (which you can watch if you look at the news posts on the front page) that they were not satisfied with this project. They want perfection. EVERYONE is looking forward to this project. Do you want a good release or a spectacular release? All of these things combined have delayed the release. Again, it WILL come, but we must all be patient.

    As for Symphony, it's in the final stages of post production. It's coming very soon.

    FOUNDATIONS was not a big project to film from what it seems. They already had most of the footage shot. My guess is that they just shot a new intro and a new closing to the DVD. The rest of the footage is the 1 on 1's already available. That's why they probably didn't get everyone all hyped up this time since many people probably already own all of these 1 on 1's. It's a nice little surprise launch for those that have not purchased any of England's 1 on 1's (or only purchased a few).

    So, I hope that clears things up for you. :)

  15. i was right yaaaay
  16. Doug's post (two above this one) is exactly correct. Foundations is a collection of the content released of yet by Jason in the 1-on-1 section at theory11: the Push Through False Shuffle, Bottom Deal, Center Deal, Second Deal, Greek Deal, MacMillan Switch, the Diagonal Palm Shift, and Palming Fundamentals. These eight moves, along with a new introduction, compose this DVD. It's 3 and a half hours in length.

    The main thing different? The price. The DVD will be available for $49.95 this Friday - which is 40% off what the cost would be if you tried to order each move individually. It's a crazy good deal.

    Regarding Symphony... soon. Very soon. All on schedule.
  17. Ahh, I already have almost all of his 1on1s. Will Jason release more 1on1s?


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