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  1. Random question, cause I’m an incompetent imbecile. What size frame do you need for an uncut sheet. I don’t have any currently nor have I ever, but I’ve gained a sudden interest in obtaining one, and was just curious what kind of frame/how much change I’d have to cough of for it.
  2. You're not going to get an answer from me, because I'm an incompetent imbecile myself, but I love this attitude.
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  3. We are magicians so therefore we are by nature.
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  4. I have an idea, I’ve been wanting to buy an uncut sheet for a while, I’ll spend points and buy titanium’s from the archive, when it arrives, I’ll post its size here
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  5. Appreciate it!
  6. You could always pick up the sheet, go to a local framer and they can set you up with frames and boarder mats.

    But.. uncut sheets are approx 26.5” (tall)by 22”(wide) . I like a larger frame to support about a 2 inch border. But the style is up to you .:)
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  7. Ah, an expert I see! Thank you very much!
  8. Haha, No problem . I don’t actually own a sheet myself . It would be great for the staff to add the dimensions on the product page . Super useful information
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  9. This is pretty close, without me getting one out to measure. Will be the same for most all USPC-printed poker-size decks.

    If you want a perfect fit, then this^ is the way to go. Be warned - it is going to cost $$$.

    I went the cheap(er) way. I went to Michaels or Hobby Lobby or one of those similar places, I don't remember which exactly, and picked up nicer poster frames. They are 23" W x 31" T internal. I don't remember how they were labeled on the package. Anyway, they aren't a perfect fit. If you care about that, you don't want these. If you just want to get it on your wall to display it, this works for a lot cheaper than other options. Still not super cheap. Mine are something like this - I've got 6 or so mounted this way in my office, and will eventually mount several more this way.

    Can see one of mine here -

    // L
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  10. See, that was my plan was to go to a thrift store (secondhand shop or whatever it’s called) and see if I could luck out and find one. But admittedly the odds are not in my favor. Then again that is where I found my shadow box that currently holds my gold Monarchs and gold rarebits(still trynna snag those artisans)
    Ok that looks amazing sick!
    As for a perfect fit... eh not really a big priority if there was some empty space I could most likely figure out how to fill that in.
    But REALLY appreciate the help, thank you so much!!
  11. Honestly, you’d likely be lucky at a thrift shop and you might find a really beautiful frame
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  12. Wish me luck:)

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