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From the magicians stand point

Sep 15, 2007
What's the point of cardistry? Don't get me wrong, I have much respect to the people out here that do it but why would you choose cardistry over magic? I think it is cool to know a couple of flourishes to combine into routines and such, but just doing cardistry and that's it!? Obviously i am not talking to the people that also do magic. You can make a living doing a magic show, but not a cardistry show. Do you do it for the dexterity or what? Just curious, and I hope to not cause an uproar over this subject.:confused:
Dec 1, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario
I see the appeal. I enjoy cardistry very much, honestly I enjoy learning and practicing flourishing more than I do magic, that;s just me though. Many people, myself included, will always have cards in their hands, doing all sorts of fancy cuts because it feels good. Really, for me, it's simply something that I enjoy and have fun doing, even if there is no one around to admire it.

I don't think there are to many people that do strictly flourishes, most people that are into that have a decent knowledge of magic too.
Sep 1, 2007
I'm pretty sure there's been like 4 or 5 threads just like this.

Some of us flourishers said we do it because we enjoy it. Simple as that.
Jan 28, 2009
It's like asking someone why they juggle. They do it because it looks cool and they find it fun. Lol. I don't flourish because none of that is true for me.
Oct 8, 2007
It's a hobby. For example, let's say you play basketball. Why do you play? It's fun. Why do you paint? It's fun. Why do you skateboard? It's fun.

It's like every other hobby. You do it because you enjoy it.
A lot of times it goes like this:

-Guy becomes interested in magic
-Guy becomes interested in card magic
-Card magic loses its "magic" and guy loses interest
-Guy sees a flourishing video, and gets that same feeling he got when he became interested in magic
-Guy gets into flourishing
-Guy still does a little magic, but now flourishing is his main hobby

This isn't always how it happens, but I have noticed a lot of flourishers who used to magic, but rarely ever, if at all, do it anymore. I think it is because flourishing is something you can do solo, and doesn't require spectators or presentation; and because watching really good flourishing videos will almost always amaze you, whereas if you know the secret to a trick, it isn't as fun to watch.

Not to point fingers, but....
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Sep 15, 2007
okay, i get it, it's more of a fun hobby. That is cool with me! Welp, see yall later here on the cardistry forum, it's not my bag if you know what I mean lol. Like I said, mad props to yall who do it and please keep on goin' with it. I love going into the media section and seeing your flourishing videos!


- Z-Magic
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