Front Row Sankey Part II

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  1. Shape of Things to Come-

    In this effect, you show a completely blank deck with symbols drawn on the faces, a notepad, and a Sharpie. You have them cut the deck as many times as they would like, then put the deck under the table. There, they choose one card to put under their leg, and another to hold onto. You take back the deck, wrap it in a rubberband, and draw the symbol that's written on the card in the hand. You then repeat this miracle with the card under their leg. I really like this effect, but I don't have the materials to do it. There are no gimmicks, and it's truly amazing to spectators and magicians alike.

    Real Magic-

    This uses the same method as Fan Mail, just a different effect. Here, you borrow a $20 bill from a spectator, and write the words "Real magic" across the front. Then, after folding it up and giving it a little snap, you see that the words have actually melted through the bill and onto the other side! This is a nice effect, but I never have a $20 laying around, so I can't perform it.


    In this effect, you have a spectator glimpse at a card. After looking through the deck, you show them the card you have found to be theirs... except it's not. So you tell them that you're going to hypnotize them, and you draw a hypnosis circle thingy mabob on the card. You give it a little rub, and it turns into their card... with the hypnosis circle thingy mabob still on there! This is "ok". It's simple to do, but I just don't know how it will work out.

    Litmus Test-

    Here, you show a blank card, then set it on the table. You get a normal deck of cards, and riffle through, asking them to say stop whenever they feel like it. When they say stop, you have them glance at the card they said stop at. You then square up the deck, take the completely blank card, and plunge it into the middle of the deck. You wave over it, and when you take it out you can clearly see that the front has changed into the card your spectator was thinking of! Then, you do the same thing with the back. Now, you throw it into reverse, and turn the card back into a blank card, the back first, the front second. I really like this effect, but like Shape of Things to Come, I don't have the materials (double blank card).

    Close Contact-

    When I first saw this effect, I was dumbfounded... and still was when I learned the method. Here, you have both spectators (you need two) shuffle the deck as much as they want. then, one of them takes the deck under the table, and cuts/shuffles it as much as they want. They then take off the top card, glance at it, place it back anywhere in the deck, and shuffle it some more. After that, you take the deck and spread them across the table... having the other spectator take any card they would like I(no force). Every time, it matches the first spectator's card! Trust me, whatever you are thinking... it's wrong. This teaches a good "sleight" that you can use with other things... I can't really say what, but if you're dying to know what I'm talking about, and own the DVD, PM me with the first 8 words of the DVD (just to prove you own the DVD), and I'll tell you.

    Deviant Behavior-

    This is a perfect effect to "setup" for Full Lotus. You show four Jokers, and place them each into different places in the pack of cards. Then, with just a snap, one jumps to the top of the deck, one jumps to your back pocket, one jumps to your front pocket, and one jumps inside your zipper! To be quite honest with you, I haven't even looked at the explanation of this effect... my "theory" is, "don't judge an effect by it's method". So, what I'm about to say may be a bit biased, but I think this is a great effect, especially to do right before Full Lotus.

    Out of Sight-

    This is an "Invisible Deck" of sorts... except without an Invisible Deck. You hand your spectator a card box, and tell them to take out the cards... but it's empty. So you tell them to use their imagination, blah blah blah, pick a card out of the "Invisible Deck", write an X on it, return it to the deck, and hand the deck to you. You put "the cards" back in the box, give it a little shake, and show that there is now a real deck inside! You take it out, and spread through both sides of the cards, showing them to be completely normal. You then ask them what their card was. They tell you, and you show it to be the only card in the deck with an X on the back! Of course, they'll ask, "What if I had picked a different card?". Well, you have them pick a different card, and show it to also have an X on the back. You then snap, and show that none of the cards, including the selections have X's. This is an awesome effect, and is very hard hitting. He teaches a great deck switch that I will be using in the future. No gimmick decks, no stooges, nothing.

    Vital Signs-

    Here, you have two matches; one burnt and one unburnt. You give them the spectator, and tell them to select one behind their back. They bring forward the burnt one, and you take it from them. You squeeze it, and all of a sudden it is a new match, and the spectator is holding the burnt match! This is just an awesome effect, and is just crazy good. It doesn't involve gimmicks, complicated sleights, or anything like that... just you and a book of matches!

    The Phoenix Effect-

    This is quite possible my favorite effect on the DVD (tying with Full Lotus). You riffle through the pack, and have a spectator glimpse a card. You then try to guess what card is theirs (bringing it to the top). Of course, you get it wrong, so you have them sign the back of it. You explain that because of the plastic coating on the cards, you can rub the ink right off of their card. You take a Kleenex from your pocket and show them, rubbing their signature off the card. Then, you say you're going to try to bring the signature back. You light the paper on fire, and it erupts in flame, completely gone. You then go through the deck, showing one card to have the spectator's signature on it... the card they had been thinking of since the beginning of the effect. Holy crap... I don't even know where to start with this effect. As the DVD case says : fire + mentalism + a signed card= a reputation maker... it speaks the truth. This effect is just plain awesome, and, like most of the effects on this DVD, isn't complicated or hard at all.


    In this effect, you show two rubber bands that have obviously been cut and tied back together. You then perform Crazy Man's Handcuffs (twice), but then you tell the spectator that you're going to do it in their hand. You roll the rubber bands up in a ball and place it in the spectator's hand. With just a little snap, the rubber bands have actually melted through each other and linked! Meh, this is ok. Don't get me wrong, it's a good effect, it's just not me...

    One of One-

    Here, you have a spectator glimpse at a card as you riffle the cards, then you square up the pack. You then say that you're going to try to draw their card on the back of the top card on the pack. You fail. So you then give the card a rub, and the drawing turns into a drawing of their card! Further more, you show that the card is actually their card! This effect is pretty good, and makes a good closer... at least I think it would, I haven't actually tried it out yet. lol

    Overall: 9/10

    This DVD is my new favorite DVD. It's packed with original, hard-hitting material. And the best part is, it's all practical, and not that hard to do. Sankey is very entertaining, and further more... friggin hilarious. Compared to this, all my other magic DVDs are boring. Actually, after watching this DVD, I put in my other new DVD (Hotshot Color Changes), and then replaced it with Front Row Sankey within 2 minutes, just because it seemed so boring. Great DVD, you should definitely get it! However, there are a few items you need that you may or may not have laying around the house. Here's the list:

    -Flash Paper
    -Tyveck (not necessary)
    -at least four of the same coin
    -a Sharpie
    -a lighter
    -some dupes
    -double blank cards
    -a notepad
    -a $20 bill
    -a one way force deck
    -rubber bands
    -at least one paperclip
    -matches (preferably paper)
    -a basic knowledge of sleights (mostly card, some coin)

    The list is a little long, but don't let that dissuade you from buying this DVD... buy it and you WILL NOT regret it!

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