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What type of downloads would you guys like to see more of in the marketplace?

  1. Card Magic

  2. Coin Magic

  3. "Other Magic" (sponegballs, cups and balls, money, etc.)

  4. Mentalism

  5. Magic Theory

  6. Cardistry

  7. Individual moves/sleights/controls

  1. Curious to know what the future holds for the marketplace. I am curious to know what ends of effects/genres/etc. you guys would like to see! The poll is open ended not just for my own research, but for any of our creators that are interested in supporting our community by giving them WHAT THEY WANT!

    Having said that, here is a quick poll to see what kinds of stuff you guys would like to see brought to the marketplace. Enjoy!
  2. Once you have voted, please feel free to list any specific requests in the comments section.
  3. The magic world needs more people thinking about performance, not tricks.
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  4. Tbf though, the Marketplace is built to share ideas, and people go into performance methods/tips in the products.
  5. I honestly can't just choose one or 2.... or 5 lol
  6. Michael already has tons of free content on his YouTube channel that specifically deals with performance, creativity, being professional, etc. Scott Alexander is also putting out material that is essentially a course being a stand-up performer. I think there is plenty of content out there already on performance, creativity, and magic theory. The issue is the demographic of people that purchase magic online. I'm betting that something with a hyped up trailer about a coin splitting in half and then restoring is going to sell much better than a course on being a stand up performer. (Note: I'm not bashing that effect, I will probably pick it up, I just wanted to give a recent example of a newer release competing against Scott Alexander's release).

    My theory as to why this is happening is most people are using magic as a way to benefit themselves rather than benefiting others (i.e. live performances with spectator participation). A lot of this is facilitated by mediums such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and even this site to an extent. The majority of "magicians" (I'm using that term very loosely) buy whatever they see is cool in a trailer and want to be just as cool as that trailer is. They will click "add to cart" and shoot a quick performance to a camera and collect likes and followers over it. The minority of the magic consumer population is actual working magicians that want to buy something to build on their current act. This demographic typically buys less than the majority so magic companies are starting to produce and market products that appeal to the majority and not the minority (i.e. trailers with no live performances but look amazing).

    A lot of this is also the magic industry's fault too. None of the big magic sites I follow have any sort of appreciation for live performances or celebrating working magicians. Most of what I see being celebrated is what can look good on camera and basically fool only a camera. I know it's much easier to sell products that way but it is also the cause of why consumer interests are no longer about performances (second only to social media being the main cause of it).
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  7. I'm way too tired right now to be able to be able to put together one of my long philosophical posts, so I'll be short.

    You're right - stuff on performance theory doesn't sell anywhere near as well flashy new tricks. And that is one hundred percent because of how the current market is set up and would take massive changes in the very nature of the business of magic to change.

    That doesn't mean that the magic world doesn't need more beginner-accessible performance theory resources, and that there aren't more than enough tricks out already.
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  8. To be fair just about all of my magic theory only stuff got rejected by the marketplace. the only thing that made it through was my EBOOK "How to Magish." and guess how many people have bought it in two months..... lol People don't really care much about theory unless they are already an established performer and want to consider doing magic as more than just a "for fun" thing. Not necessarily go pro, but most people barely invest the time to practice let a lone read material on theory and presentation.

    if you are at all curious on my book you can check it out here:

    Click the link in my bio below and you can even get a free copy of the 1rst section which is all on performance theory and presentation ideas. I can't do more for people than give it away for free.... lol you need to download it and read it. "You can lead a horse to water but cannot make them drink it."

    Moral of the story is, the marketplace may not be the platform for pure performance theory. I think it is up to the artist to properly teach/weave theory into their explanations.
  9. awesome
  10. For those keeping score at home, it looks like the people want more mentalism and magic with objects. Lets make that happen! I personally have a few more ideas coming to the MP soon! I will put my "Chop Cup" project to the front of the line!
  11. Had the categories been "visual" "organic" or "impromptu" (whatever those terms actually mean) you would have gotten different responses. People buy magic that is well marketed.
  12. Only problem is so much of that overlaps. Yeah, but freal though, if you put "Visually Stunning", "Impromptu", "Organic", "Diabolical", and a quote from a relatively well known magician, along with some dramatic music, it sells, even if it doesn't really fit any of those categories. It is "visually stunning - in the sense that there is an effect at the end- , it is "Impromptu" - just because it's supposed to seem like an impromptu performance, pretty much how all street magic and most non-gig performances are supposed to look - it is "organic" - because it doesn't use a spooky prop, just like most magic nowadays - and it's Diabolical - cuz why the hell not.

    This is not to throw shade at any of these effects, but which one would you rather buy after watching the trailer alone - Acme Hole by Lloyd Barnes or Paul Harris' Las Vegas Leap (which was recently re-released in "The Vault" thing that Murphy's does). The Acme Hole trailer is so much better, yet LVL is widley accepted as the better effect.
  13. The marketplace is a place to showcase great effects. Even if you do not buy any of them, you can still take in consideration the amount of work it takes to create an effect! Nice job everyone who posted on the marketplace!

    -Veni Vidi Vici
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  14. I said other magic but if I had a choice i would put magic that is free that cost no $$$
  15. lol fair enough. however "free" is not a type of magic... lol
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