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  1. I was wondering what are some books that show gambling tricks and some demonstrations IM NOT LOOKING FOR JUST MOVES! full routines or tricks thanks
  2. Guy Hollingworth's Drawing Room Deceptions...a nice full routine that showcases, ace cutting, stacking, bottom dealing, center dealing and a kicker ending. Great routine.

  3. Darwin Ortiz - CARDSHARK
  4. ...also, A Poker Puzzle on page 129 of Royal Road to Card Magic can be revamped as a gambling demo if you have a good bottom deal and patter about "secret stacking"

    P.S. Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table 3 volume DVD set is SUPER cheap for all 3. Highly recommended. PM me if you can't find it.

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    Darwin Ortiz Card Shark and At the Card Table should be looked at.

    The Magic of Fred Robinson has a section on his gambling routines is worth a look but the book is a bit pricey.

    Andrew Wimhurst's dvd The Card Artistry of Andrew Wimhurst and his lecture notes Down Under Deals is great.

    Nick Trost has some easy to do routines that are great.

    Martin Nash has a great routine call the show off. Also a few others. His books are hard to find but they are covered on his dvds by A-1 Media and Meri Yedid.

    James Swain's dvds and his books. 21st century card magic and miricales with cards has some really good effects on gambling that you could string together as a routine.

    There are many other books as long as your willing to put in the work.

    Also you should take a look into Memorized decks. Memonica is one that comes to mind that I hear a lot about.
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  6. Fred Robinson, please.

    Jack Carpenter has a number of routines in his books and DVDs. Worth tracking down.
  7. I'll second the Ortiz material and add By Forces Unseen. Some really cool Riffle Stracking demos in the back of it.
  8. Sorry about that. At times I tend to Misspell his last name for some odd reason that I cant figure out why. The very sad part is I own the book.

    I would also second Jacks work. He post some of it on the net and its quite impressive.
  9. Eric Mead has a nice ace cutting routine in Tangled Web, although there isn't any other gambling related stuff in there so it doesn't really fulfill your needs. Great book though

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