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  1. hello, I have bee reading a lot of older stuff lately (specifically erdnase) and I was wondering if there were any books on similar material, such as how to cheat, without having to be the dealer.

    Thanks, Boomer
  2. Well you could check out Daniel Madison's How to Cheat At Cards, he also has a trick called heritage thats a hands off cheating demonstration, you could also check out utilities like the advocate, etc
  3. "Poker Protection" by Steve Forte. The "Gambling Protection Series" (DVD) also by Forte is certainly a good resource aswell. Not sure why someone like Daniel Madison gets recommended here when it comes to material on cheating but Steve Forte, Richard Turner, Darwin Ortiz should be the guys to seek out.
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  4. Daniel's great at what he does, why shouldn't he be recommended? No one bashed Steve Forte, Richard Turner, or Darwin Ortiz. Daniel Madison is coming out with quality effects/moves, like everyday, so when Boomer Scripps asked for cheating material, Daniel was the first person BlindDeception thought of. Joey144, I have a great admiration for you because of your Wire releases, your videos on YouTube, but one thing I've noticed is it seems you have beef with Mr. Madison, but I don't know why?
  5. Because "Boomer Scripps" asked for material on cheating. Madison does magic tricks. Naming your material "How to cheat at cards" doesn't make you an expert in this field. I've seen his stuff and I've seen alot of stuff from the people I named above aswell. My conclusion is that people shouldn't waste their money on his inferior material. If someone asks for advice, I try to help. No one said that anyone has to agree with me, but I'm allowed to express my opinion right?

    I don't like censoring.

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  6. Madison originally started out as a card cheat, not a magician, read his bio on his website. Also he wasn't asking to be an "expert in the field" But that book or his mechanic vol 1 and 2 are great places to start. His material isn't inferior, its preference, that is all.
  7. Do you mean the bio that changed like 5-6 times over the course of 7 years?

    Wrong. That's exactly what he is advertising with his mechanic dvd.

    His bottom deal grip (rip off from gene maze) is inferior to the original technique, just an example. The necktie he does during second dealing flashes the bottom card of the deck (yes I'm serious). He shows a poor DPS and explains that he created it because he didn't like the original DPS.
    Do you want more examples? Because I could give them to you.

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  8. Joey,

    I absolutely could not agree with you more. Thank you for doing what you do sir. DM's necktie is absolutely laughable - I don't buy a single word about him cheating in a card game for real money for that reason alone. When it comes to actually, practically cheating at cards, DM has not published a word on the subject.


    PS: I would love more examples, personally.
  9. Cameron,

    I'm just stupid enough to point it out in public. Most people that feel that way about him simply don't bother to waste any words. But if someone seeks out for help and gets recommended Madison as a first instance, I just have to say something about it. I can't help it.

    I'll send you a pm.

    Just out of curiosity: Why do you think someone should learn the Second Deal from Madison instead of Jason England?
    Jason gives you not only the proper credits and sources but also explains to you every little detail about the move in a condensed form that you can use as a reference for years.
    Madison on the other hand gives you: "I don't really do second dealing, but here are my tips on the second deal".

    Btw. just a comparison of runtime and price:
    Madisons Mechanic runs 2,5 hours - $79,9
    Steve Fortes GPS runs 5,5 hours - $99
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  10. I agree. From what I've ecad about Madison he switched to magic after spending six months in a wheelchair after he was caught. Also the real cheating experts and best technicians are Steve Forte, Richard Turner, Jason England, R Paul Wilson, and Darwin Ortiz. Daniel Madison has created a sense of being "cool" in a lot of younger(and even some older) magicians. Just look at his videos, they're ridiculously overdramitized. He's fairly competent at some stuff, but he's nowhere near the best. I have nothing against him in particular but it's extremely irritating when he gets referenced as being really great in card cheating but the afore mentioned people who are the real experts get ignored.

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