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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kryptonik, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Would anyone honestly use a T-Shirt reveal?

    Honestly my least favourite magic are the reveals printed on products, on deck boxes etc.

    I would never consider using one. Ever.
  2. Actually, barcode reveals play really well, in my experience.
  3. A poster would be AWESOME.
  4. That may be one of the best ideas ive seen
  5. I'd buy one

  6. How about a poster of an uncut sheet of Bikes (or the decks here at T11)? I'd buy one...I've always wanted an uncut sheet of Bikes, but they're far too expensive. I'd totally settle for a poster that resembles an uncut sheet. :)
  7. Katie E has a hoodie that says Theory 11.
    Maybe shes gonna be in charge of the fashion that goes behind Theory11... probably not.

    But yea she does have a hoodie that says Theory11 on it.

    Hehe we make these people sound like full A list celebrities.
  8. Well they are in our eyes, at least they are in my eyes.
  9. porper clips, hats, posters, sweaters
  10. What about an Xbox 360 face plate. I would get one of those.
  11. i would buy one even though i don't have an Xbox 360.

  12. i know this doesn't have to do with T11 but i think papercraneproductions should include a origami crane (MADE OF PAPER) with like their logo on it with every purchase.
  13. Very interesting idea why don't you email them about it.

    Peace out,

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