Geek Magic... Definition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jazzhands1, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. A question that's been on my mind lately:

    What's the definition of "Geek Magic?" in other words, what makes this kind of magic geeky? Is it because only geeks perform it or something?
  2. Well the term "Geek" is referred to a freak who will basically eat anything (live snakes, rats, what ever) But the term geek magic is loosely based off of this definition. Geek Magic is basically and form of magic that involves a freak show style (thread for example is a geek trick)
  3. saw is another example of geek magic as well a wounded
  4. so someone who wears glasses and a pocket protector has nothing to do with geek magic?
  5. What's so bad about glasses and pocket protector's.

    They have nothing to do with geek magic, unless (like me) they perform geek magic
  6. It has nothing to do with geeks/nerds what ever you want to call them.
    its the freakier side of magic the more real side. Like sword swallowing, eating razor blades and so on are geek stunts.

    Thread, Saw , Wounded stuff like that is geek magic
  7. No. Way back before geek came to mean what you commonly hear in high school, it was a term applied to circus freaks. The term referred to someone who would chase a chicken around only to bite the head off, who acted as sort of an opener for other freaks. However, it has come to also include also sorts of circus sideshow beings - Siamese twins, the human blockhead, sword swallower, etc., they could all be called Geeks.

    As such, Geek magic tends to be grotesque, gory, and bizarre. Saw and Thread are examples. The right presentation can make Wounded or even Control an example of Geek magic.
  8. its properly the least geeky type of magic their is ;)

    theirs the safe type of geek magic - saw, thread, wounded, needle through arm.

    their the unsafe (sideshow) type of geek magic - sword swallowing etc etc
  9. Geek magic is any sideshow magic trick type effect that is accomplished with magical means.
    Sideshow is something you shouldn't mix in with geek magic so easily, half of what you see in sideshow is real, the other half is fake. It's trying to determine which is real and which is not.

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