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  1. My question is do you really need Genesis v1 before getting v2?

    I have been flourishing for about 4 years, and I already know majority of the basics taught on v1 which is why I'm wanting to skip to v2. I obviously don't know Andrei's original moves, but I'm wondering if it's easy enough to pick them up on v2.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Optional

    Genesis v1 generally caters to beginners showing basic flourishes such as a thumb fan or a charlier cut. That being said there are some prerequisites shown in genesis v1 that are not thoroughly explained in v2 such as the bullet card twirl.

    So? it's optional whether you want to thoroughly learn the prerequisites from v1 or if you want to try and learn the prerequisites by watching Andrei do them in v2.
  3. does he briefly explain the prerequisites in v2 or does he expect you to know them from v1. Something as simple as a slow walkthrough like in the system would be good enough for me.
  4. he say in v2 if you didnt buy v1 before going to v2 its like reading philosopher's stone before deathly hallows or something like that

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