GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Preview Video [updated 10/23/09]

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    The first part was a joke, whether you thought it was stupid or not I at least thought you would understand sarcasm. Wait, as a matter of a fact you replied to my sarcasm with sarcasm. If your trying to actually prove a point, that's not logical at all.

    For the second part, handlordz only posts reviews that are positive. So it's not wonder almost all reviews on the dvd are positive. I for one thought learning things that are taught perfectly well on youtube, like basic fanning, were not worth paying $40 for, but I guess you can spend that hard earned mc-cash anyway you like.
  2. Favorite preview from T11 yet. Very badass. Been watching this so much, it's unhealthy. Can't wait to finally get this.


  3. well you gotta understand how many years ago XB was released. That was the first organized DVD with basically ALL the essential moves of flourishing. cardistry has evolved fast since then, but that still doesnt take away the value of the DVD because there will still be beginners who will need these basic moves

    andrei's trailer looks great btw, great editing and filming. also glad to hear its 4 hours of stuff, holy sheesh
  4. Thanks for the kind replies guys. I really appreciate all the support and kind comments. Although I say that all the time, I don't mean it any less with each time. It seems like ages ago that I had first spoke with JB on the phone about Genesis. This is something I have looked forward to for many years and it's incredible to finally witness it come to being. I hope it's everything you expected and more.

    I told myself that when I finished the first volume I would treat myself with.......... some sleepy sleeps. With that said, I think I'll go do that now. :eek:

    One thing that everyone NEEDS to remember...

    In Soviet Russia... cards manipulate you!!!

    -Andrei Jikh
  5. I understood your sarcasm, but viewed it as unnecissary and replied with regular tone and information. (exception of bolded tones)

    Is there really a need to be sarcastic? What does sarcasm achieve? Sneering, ironic taunting, and cutting remarks reflect an unwanted attitude in most cases.

    As The Professer would say..."Be Natural" :D
  6. That comment alone just made my day. I love Family guy.
  7. Not gonna lie. I chuckled.

  8. SO stoked. I can't wait for this. I think I'm going to pick it up on opening night. Any ideas on the price? I can't seem to find anything regarding the price.
  9. Agreed, hearing a price would be nice.
  10. I'd even be pleased with a rough estimate. Either way, unless its extremely expensive, chances are I'm going to pick it up on opening night. :p
  11. I AM picking this up one opening night if it is the classic price of most T11 DVDs.

    If it becomes like $50 bucks though, I can't.

    I can't WAIT to get it though!
  12. Well, it's your opinion but try to give a fair comment on XB. Do you actually pay for it or you "download" it? Many people don't want to study from basic things.
    XB taught many moves (cut, fan, spring, armspread)+ concepts(perching, xcm with jewery). Comaparing with youtube ? (hilarious)
    You say handlord only post positive reviews (what's about T11?), well, I've read many good reviews in several other forums. Also let's wait and see how much GENESIS cost.
  13. We don't censor people. Just throwing it out there.

  14. If you want to see more from the GENESIS v1 disc, I would highly highly recommend being here tonight at 11... ;)
  15. is there any new vids are gonna be posted up tonight?
  16. Maybe so, maybe so...
  17. Ah, Jonathan Bayme, always playing hard to get... :D lol

    I am SO psyched. Really. (If I haven't made that clear enough)

    And the editing for the demo ALWAYS inspires me. Just watched it again for the 24th time.

    A little bit more revealed tonight... these are clips from various parts of the GENESIS v1 disc. Obviously just quick snippets, as the full v1 video is approaching 4 hours spanning 30+ moves. And yes, we posted more than one clip...
  19. Haha, cool clip(s)... ;)
  20. Wow, I can't believe I hadn't seen this yet. I liked all the moves, I wasn't a fan of the title animations, they seemed a little over the top. Looks like you guys did a great job though.

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