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  1. Hey guys, I am just here wondering when Bayme and Andrei are going to release v2 of GENESIS. For some reason it just feels like the wait has been too long for such a great DVD series. I love GENESIS v1, and have been practicing those moves ever since Christmas. But I feel as if I need v2 you know? If either Bayme or Andrei could reply back that would be great. But if any others know the whereabouts of v2 let me know. Thanks!


  2. I contacted Andrei with his YouTube channel and asked about it, he's working on some projects now and doesn't know when Genesis V2 is going to be released. But as he said, the V2 is shot already, it's not edited yet.
  3. D is correct - all three volumes of Genesis were largely shot at the same time, with the vast majority of footage already completed. However, as we shot hours and hours of raw footage, it was divided into specific volumes to aid in the learning process and make our post production process less ridiculous. Genesis v1 alone took us nearly a year to complete, and we work fast!

    Rest assured that v2 is certainly on the horizon. While we have no current estimate on when it will be released, we will announce those details and contents here in the forums as soon as we have a reasonably accurate forecast.
  4. Man; I know it will be totally worth it (cause Jikh is AWESOME!) but over three years for a DVD set? That's crazy!
  5. so what now? any news about genesis v2?
    or a release date?
  6. That is great to know. Thanks JB
  7. patience is Key, although i do look forward to V2 it might take quite a while because of the T11 standard that is so dang high. and who's going to complain about that?
  8. It's been two months haha, it takes a little err a lot longer then that to make such a high quality dvd that Theory 11 can call their own.
  9. August...

    I hope Andrei sticks to his guns and calls every flourish a "card stunt" instead of a "flourish".
  10. They're essentially shooting a movie. Believe me, it takes a LONG time. Editing one alone often takes a year or more.
  11. The production values are higher than a lot of films as well.
  12. Yeah, they are a lot higher then most movie films. Have you seen that movie Avatar or Last Airbender? Those, effects where god awful! Well I mean one of them was actually decent to watch. Shamalamadingdong is dead to me now.
  13. Avatar looked great...
  14. Thats what I thought, but it was HORRIBLE!! It was really painful to watch

    Wait...what is this thread about? oh right ... Genesis :p
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    Oh it was, I was being sarcastic heh. The Effects in both movies where terrific. The narrative in Avatar was not very original. The last Airbender was in it's own class of crap. The plot stunk and didn't stick to the original animations or story. They miss pronounced Aang, ONG, and the script sound like a high school kid wrote it.

    Genesis two better not be like Last Airbender >.<!!!


    Avatar isn't original in narative, Blue Navi people Avatar.

    Last Airbender just out right stunk IMO. Shamaglemenheimer should stick with what he does best, making tweests. What a tweest, (Robot Chicken reference).
  16. I don't know what you guys are talking about... But i think you guys are getting confused by Avatar the movie, and The Last Airbender... To me Avatar was amazing... The only movie that I have seen that has surpassed it is Inception, which is my favorite movie of all time.... I've seen the Last Airbender and I compare it to The Lightning Thief movie. If you read the book, "The Lightning Thief," then it wasn't exactly the best. But for someone who hadn't read the book, it was good. Same with the Last Airbender... If you watched the episodes, then you would think it wasn't too good... But if you didn't, then you would think it was ok...

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