Ghost Coin by Adriel Portillo

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  1. Description: A coin is borrowed and signed. The performer places the coin into his hand, and when the performer opens his hand again, the coin has vanished! The coin actually reappears into a sealed soda can. The can may be shaken before opened, and you can actually hear the coin inside! The can is then opened, and the soda is poured out. You can see the coin inside, with the spectator's signature still on it. No gimmicks, no preparation, 100% impromptu.

    Feedback? I have submitted it to Paper Crane Magic and they responded: "Thank you for your submission. We are not interested in releasing this effect due to it's similarity to Sinful by Wayne Houchin. Please keep creating and keep submitting!

    Paper Crane"
  2. honestly.... And I'm not trying to be mean, just constructive. I don't see this as being original.

    this just seems to me to be a variation to Houchin's sinful, which is a beautiful piece of magic.

    keep trying though!
  3. If this was supposed to be a joke - not that funny.
  4. not a joke, but thanks for the feedback.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I didn't know it was so similar at the time, but now I know. Thanks.

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