Give me your Worst hack line.

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  1. Oh, its mid-week. Of course the highlight of my week (and hopefully yours) its Wednesday Game-night!

    All I ask is for you to give me your most Cringe inducing, eye rolling, and just plain AWFUL One-liner, or hack line!

    Okay, that is it, as always be creative, and HAVE FUN!!!
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  2. Male Magician: What's your name little girl


    Male magician: REALLY?!? That was my name when I was a little girl!!!
  3. When you mess up:

    "Oh, its fine its all part of the effect! However this part has yet to be rehearsed."
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  4. The following is a line I pray I never have to use, but I had to, once or twice in the past. And it kills me from within.

    **The 5-min long trick does not go according to the plan and I screw up REAL BAD**
    Me:"So now you see, you could have chosen any card at all, ANY CARD, and it is not as if I already know it or I am bound to be correct. So let's now do the real trick..."
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  5. When a trick goes south:

    *turn and look over shoulder and yell*

  6. No, the clean hand.
    For the first time out loud, reveal the card you are thinking of (when the spectator had picked a card from the deck).
    Do you want to change your mind?
    Wouldn’t it be impossible if...?
    All of the cards are different.
    You could have picked any card.
    This is an ordinary....
    That fair, right?
    Let’s recap (followed by a detailed incorrect explanation of what they just saw a minute ago)

    Some good lines:

    Do you want to change your mind, or do you want to keep the mind you have?

    Do you have a favorite magic word you use in situations like this? (From Aaron Fisher’s Search and Destroy video).

    Let’s recap - Greg Wilson.
  7. Now I want you to take this card home put it under your pillow and wait because do you know what will happen in the morning.

    *spectator no

    The card will still be there

    *spectator excuse me wut?
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  8. For my next trick, can I borrow your wife?
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  9. This is what I'm going to do....
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  10. Best line ever.
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  11. As you can see all the cards are different, but the backs are all the same.

    Whats your name? How do you spell that? That's correct.

    *Cards Across*
    Let me make it magically jump back. There done.
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  12. Magician: Even though I messed up on this last, the part when you card "jumped" to the top was pretty cool; Right?

    Spectator: Sure
  13. I really dislike "no, the clean one". Just seems rude to me.

    My favorite to use is when someone brings up Vegas or card counting I go "I'm actually banned from gambling in Vegas casinos" and when they get all wide eyed and go "Really?!?" I go "Yeah, I'm not 21 yet." It always gets a laugh and I can only use it for 3 more years so.

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