Good patter for Panic?

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  1. What do you guys think would be good patter for Panic, here's one that I thought up:

    "So I saw this trick on the internet where the guy took the four Kings out of the deck (do so) and then jsut kinda did like this and made the deck vanish (make the deck vanish with a stunned look on your face) Woah!!!"

    I don't have the DVD yet, so I can't say, but wouldn't this be an awesome closer for the Ambitious Card Routine? Imagine how powerful it would be to make all the cards except theirs disappear. (I don't know if this could be done, but if it could, that would be something)
  2. The Dark Angel:

    I am glad to see that you are creating your own patter, that is the first step to becoming creative and designing innovative effects on your own in the future.

    Patter should be written like an English essay that you will hand in for a grade, except this grade is worth 1/3 - 1/4 of your entire average. Most people have 3-4 effects in a strolling set, your set is your year average for that group of people because chances are you will not see them again. If your set is your year average, that makes your effects your marks, and the entertaining part of magic should be 90% patter and 10% effect, which makes patter an integral part of getting a good grade - or in this case a great audience reaction.

    Now let's try to dissect the different drafts we have of an essay.

    1. List
    2. Rough Draft
    3. Revised Draft
    4. Final Draft

    What you have written above is what I personally would consider a very nicely made list as it is only two lines long. The next step is to make the rough draft; take your list, and make the patter for the entire effect based on the ideas in your list. The patter should cover the space of time from when the effect starts until the effect is finished if not slightly after that. The next step is revision of the patter, the greatest way to do so in my opinion is to do real world testing of that patter on close friends and family, and to do so you will need to learn and practice the method of the effect. After you have learned the method, go out and try out your patter on friends and family, after trying it out 3 times or so, I can almost guarantee that you will find something either wrong in your patter or something that you can improve on. When you have revised your patter (after about 10-15 "family" performances you should have most of the wrinkles out of your patter) you want to move onto your final draft. To do so just look at your revised draft, and just think about ways you can improve it as you are re-typing the final draft.

    And now you are done! Congratulations! You have just created (most likely) very good and original patter for your effect which you will be able to use and remember for a lifetime.

    If you spend about 5 days doing the above, I guarantee great results, if you are still having trouble with creating patter after 5 days, feel free to send me a PM and I will get back to you ASAP.

    Good luck to you and your magic, stay creative, and most importantly have fun,
    ~Magically Dave
  3. Wow, I never thought I would hear advice given in the form of "How to write an essay"!
    But it was EXCELLENT advice which I will use when I get the trick.
    Again, I don't have it yet, and I just made up the patter based on what I saw in the demo, but I will certainly do like you suggested!
  4. great response and advice quick pointer which I'd like to emphasize is never mention that you learned a trick "online" it really takes away from the final effect.

    It makes it seem as if anyone can just go and learn these things, which in some way is true, but you don't want your audience to know that, because 99% of what you're doing is trying to make them believe it's real magic....
  5. Good point.
    Of course, once I get the DVD, write a review, answer a hundred questions and all that I'll try out the patter I made, and any that anyone else suggests.
  6. sounds good, have fun and good luck :)
  7. This would work so damn good with distortion.

    "Yeah, I can make one card change places, but what about the deck?"
  8. you mean panic?

    lol, that would be funny
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    Wow, well-stated. That must have taken a while. I might just use this for my patter for Panic - I've always wanted my homework to disappear, especially my English essays; after several attempts I found a way ... THIS IS PANIC!!! :p

  10. Wow, that's great advice man thanks a lot. But, the patter I use I don't really set in stone because I find it hard to remember something very specific. I usuallly just memorize basic parts of it and just make sure to unclude them but never having the same thing. But a good one for panic, uggh I don't know it would be hard maybe something like the kings control the kingdom. And the kingdom is the rest of the cards. If you remove the kings the kingdom goes into Panic (heh heh pun intended) and the whole kingdom vanishes with only the kings returning. That's just on the spot but Im sure you can make something better or improve on it.

  11. my patter would be

    sir, do you know what cards are wild?? sir, i dont care about the jokers, i just asked if you knew them, no need for a life story here pal. ACTUALLY *clears throat, looks at man who just answered* the Kings are the wild cards. so we will place them away for now, dont want them running a muck right??? now here, i would have to pick 1 card, or maybe 2 cards, but here *performes panic* pick one of the....WOAH, WAIT *reveals kings* um, wait, *reaches back and retrieves deck* o thats right, i told ya, the kings get pretty wild
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    Insulting the spectator is the last thing you want to do...

    Said in a sarcastic tone or not. Meant as a joke or not. Do not ever, ever, ever, insult a spectator.

    Edit: Unless you are Jay Sankey...

    Take that message to heart,
    ~Magically Dave

    P.S. Also read the last post I made in this thread...
  13. You haven't seen Sankey I presume, he could easily get away with something like that...
  14. I like the Ambitious idea the OP put across. I wonder if it is possible
  15. Thanks :), my post was edited.

    All jokes aside though, it really isn't a good idea to insult a spectator (even if you are Sankey) because you run the risk of upsetting someone.

    ~Magically Dave
  16. I guess he meant, "Panic would work so damn good with Distortion."

    Like after you've performed Distortion making 2 cards change places VISUALLY, now you tell them you are going to try something harder, with the whole deck of cards.
  17. I'm wondering if I can fit this in as a finale to the Diminishing Cards effect I perform. It would make sense since the Diminishing Cards would leave the 4 kings in the spectator's hands and then I can continue with "Damn those pesky kings, let's put them away for this next one before they cause any more trouble!" Do the deck vanish, the kings now take the place of the deck and just walk away.
  18. Another idae of patter:

    "Look man, I've got this AWESOME trick that I want to do, but it only requires the 4 kings, not the whole deck, but I need a place to put it, waht would you suggest?" *Let the spec say something, I would imagine they would say put it down* Respond with "Actually, I was thinking of making the whole damned thing go away *vanish the deck*

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