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  1. I am coming up with a whole gambling act and need some more hard hitting (preferably) card tricks. I will open with a demo of second and bottom dealing then go into the invisible palm, an ace routine, and a dream of aces. Im thinking about doing three card monte after that. I need some more slight of hand tricks before I go into mentalism and reading people's minds.

  2. get benjamin earl - past midnight. there is an entire dvd about gambling including a great routine, full suit productions, ace cutting and poker tricks.
  3. The best to sources I can recommend to you are:

    1) Andrew Wimhurst's Down under deals-Andrew's routines are highly entertaining and demonstrate sleight of hand expertise very well. Ultimate Topsy Turvy aces, Spread 'em, and cheaters aces are just a few of the masterpieces found in this booklet.

    2) Fast Company by Damien Nieman-This dvd set teaches you mechanics: various bottom deals, various second deals, false cuts, false shuffles, great open travellers routine, and great triumph routines. The material is also taught well.

    Hope this is somewhat of help.
  4. By far the finest gambling trick is found in RRTCM. Poker Puzzle i believe is the name. A demonstration of a bottom deal with a great kicker. Shuffled deck, impromptu.

    To be honest, you can make an Ambitious card into a gambling routine. Or any other trick for that matter.

    I do love Andrew Wimhurst's material though, a tremendous magician.
  5. Greg Wilson does this great version of Reset that has a gambling hook.

    I usually do the DB blackjack production to get into Reset.
  6. This is expensive. I believe like 25 bucks and is only 2 cards but I think it is worth it. It is called 2wenty1. Search it up on
  7. Wow that is pricey but the effect is not as bad as i thought it would be. It's actually kind of cool...(wouldn't buy it though)
  8. Instant Card Shark. Deff easiest Routine
    i do it all the time. 8 card set up
  9. James Swain DVD set

    Get the James Swain DVDs. Every single trick (except for about 3) on the four DVDs concerns gambling. I created an entire 20 minute act of just the first two DVDs. On the first DVD, he teaches his personal act. Every thing uses cards, And everything is extremely strong. You will learn an awesome pseudo center deal that can be done with the specified cards face up as well as face down. Get these DVDs, you'll love them.:)
  10. I really enjoyed Darwin Ortiz's DVD on Card Cheating.

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