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  1. Hey guys,

    So I've recently made a lot of business cards, flyers and posters to hang around my neighborhood and town, and I don't know how to actually approach giving a business card away. I mean let's say I'm performing for someone, should I perform a trick that utilizes a business card or hand it out with a souvenir card or coin? Or should I just straight up give it to people?
  2. Do a TnR business card
  3. Write a prediction on it. Do a name or drawing transpo. Do a magic square on the back. Perform a trick using the out to lunch principle. if you perform for a kids party put one in every grab bag. If you're performing for adults puth the cards on a table where they can be seen and have them take one as they leave.

    Check out what Michael Ammar uses HERE
  4. Sometimes I just give it to them after a performance but 98% of the time I give them my card by doing my own rendition of a card to spectators pocket and that's how I typically how I gave them my card.
  5. I'll tell you what not to do. Never give out a business card without showing them at least 1 trick.
  6. That's good advice :)
  7. After performing a/some tricks, and they say show me another, perform an ACR then when you hand them their signed card also hand them your business card, but at the same time :)
  8. Learn something quick with it because most people who ask don't wanna watch a long trick just to get your card. Float it, vanish it, etc. I always carry some in my breast pocket so I can get to them quickly and easily at gigs. You can use a fire wallet or one of the wallets that lights the business card on fire too.
  9. As mentioned an easy way to give out your business card is to use the "out to lunch" principle, write a prediction with a friction pen and use a lighter to reveal, float it, TNR, staple it to a signed card after a routine, punch a hole in it with a hole punch and if you are doing balloon animals pull the knotted end through the whole, use it in a telethought wallet routine, etc.

    Always hand the person 2 business cards or more. One is for them to keep and tell them one is for them to give to a friend of theirs.
  10. When handing out business cards it's usually a good practice to always get one in return. Never rely on someone to get in touch with you if they've shown interest in booking you. You should get their information and follow up with them. Sure they may call you back, but it's just more pro-active this way.

    If they don't have a business card on them, just write down their information on the backs of one of yours.
  11. Is this about handing out your business card to random people in the street and stores. Or handing out your business card after you have performed at a gig or at a restaurant gig.
  12. This is just handing them out when just performing on the streets.
  13. Hi friends i just want to say you about the Business cards that these are very best and inportant for the Busines man and every body have must be this Business card especially Business man because they have need to promot their business in local and international market so this is the important for the Business man but not more important for the Job holder person because they have no need to advertisement of their job,
  14. Let me guess. . . you're a spam-bot that don't know how to spell, right?

    Regardless. . . there are pros & cons on handing out business cards as part of an effect. For me and several others I know of, there are two different types of card, the one we use in routines and then there is the professional "Calling Card" -- a thing of significant quality that is obviously not easily mutilated.

    The "working card" is the one I'll hand to random folks as part of the fun & games when I'm working a gig but the Pro-Card is reserved and deliberately handled in a manner that makes it "special" and something I don't give out to "just anyone". . . the contact info is more personal vs. the other even though the actual contact is usually the same destination.

    In Japan the Business Card is something viewed with a particular reverence and not something that's just randomly given away, it's something we should consider when it comes to having that card that oozes with quality and charm. . . the card that a pro image & marketing team have helped you create alongside your web presence, brochures, etc. -- more than any trick you do or purchase, having credible professionals involved with your media needs is the most important investment you can make when this sort of work becomes your vocation. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by trying to do things on the cheap in that what you use in this manner can make the difference in earning $500.00 a gig vs. $5,000.00 per gig doing the same material.
  15. Just hand them out.
    People who incorporate business cards into their routines just make their act seem cheesy.
    If you really want to make them sample your magic just perform one of your best tricks.
    Then Give them your card in the end like a normal human being.
  16. Agreed in terms of incorporating a business card into a full trick or routine. I just hand them out but its do it with a bit of style with a fire wallet. Its quick and eye catching but then you can just hand them out like (as Mr.Presidigitation says) a normal human being. And lets be honest, everyone loves fire!
    As goatears said earlier in the thread, Michael Ammar has some nice ideas in a scamschool episode he did.
    IMO the main point is that if you are going to do something flashy to hand out a business card (which isnt necessary) make it short and sweet.
  17. Depends on the situation and environment you are in. Wayne Houchin has a really nice way of handing out his business card (if he still does it that way.) But you should also learn to "qualify" people for your business or not. If you meet somebody who you think is worth your time and effort. Then make sure you give them a business card that is really well done and strong.

    if you meet people who just randomly ask for your card. Then you can give them a OK or so-so business card.

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