Happy Thanksgiving from theory11!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. If we buy for 100 $ did we get 2 White centurions ?
  2. Just one... but you'd also get a deck of Brown Wynn's too! Two free decks + 25% off = epic awesomeness.
  3. So is this not including shipping? Ex: Your cart adds up to 20$ but w/ shipping it is 30$. Would you still get the wynns?
  4. Nope - this goes by subtotal, not including shipping. theory11 charges the bare minimum we can with shipping so that we can price our products in a fair, competitive manner. For that reason, you may notice other retailers' Black Friday sales are still more expensive than our EVERYDAY cost per deck (when purchasing a 12 pack). We charge a fair cost for shipping so that we can keep our prices low and reasonable.
  5. Ok, that's fine. I wasn't complaining, just asking :p

    Thanks for the discount.
  6. Wow... Just wow...

    Thank you so much JB, I've been holding off on buying The Trilogy and this just made my month! Not only did I get The Trilogy, I got 6 Decks of Bikes a Deck of Wynns and White Centurions for $69 including shipping!

    Thanks again :D
  7. If we buy 75 that would be a brown wynn and centurians?
  8. From looking at my cart, you get both.
  9. I am officially retarded. I did not check to see If i entered the code correctly and if the discount was applied. It wasn't. Fail on my part. Lol
  10. JB

    For some reason it keeps leaving me stuck on the page where you fill out your credit card info.. I re-entered everything.. nothings working.

    It doesn't indicate what's wrong..
  11. Not so sure about it, I just made it over 75 (w/o shipping) and it showed both decks upon checkout, but after it completed there was only one. It also shows only one in my account too. However, the email I got had both in it. Not sure whats coming.
  12. Man, oh man. You were already cheaper than the competition when it comes to the regular bicycle decks. Almost felt wrong to order 10 decks with 25% off. ;)
  13. help...please? Not much time left.
  14. 3 hours left you know. That is quite a bit of time actually.
  15. 2 hours.. [word count]
  16. How is it 2 hours? It ends at 11 PM EST right? Well it is 8 PM EST Right now.
  17. My bad, I thought it said 12 hours from when we get the message, not 11pm EST.

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