Hardest Flourish?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by jazzhands1, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. What do you consider to be the hardest flourish? (you don't already have to know it ;-D)

    I consider the Lepaul spread to be one of the hardest, just because it's so hard to get down an even spread and to learn to riffle cards off one by one.

    (flaming time...i think?)
  2. Flamed indeed

    LePaul Spread is something I do almost every time I have a deck of cards...

    The hardest for me is Pandora... The are so many subtleties that make this flourish look flashy and smooth... I'm now going back and making sure that each of the moves are fluid and flashy...

    Most people bomb Pandora on the opening right before the display... which in my opinion is the hardest part to get down

  3. You guys need to see A LOT more flourishes..
  4. Quad Helix Riffle and the Nucleo Sabertooth Turnover.
  5. The hardest flourish?

    Infinity Sequence (Andrei Jikh)
    Pirouette arm spread
    Double Pirouette arm spread
    Giant Flower Fan
    Double Crossed King Cobras Midair Packet Switch

    Just take a look at anything from Handlordz and there you go
  6. do you know the infinity sequence?
  7. L-Cuts
    Jackson Five (the speed and smoothness)
    What the Hell Happened to Sybil?
  8. no, he said you don't have to know the flourish. I would love to learn it though
  9. Add that onto the list of things T11 n00blets need to learn to do along with using the search buttom (here are specific links for similar threads and a very helpful one!) --> Click-me and here --> Click me harder and here --> Harder! and here -->OHhh, ahhhhhh
    and probably a few others you can find when using the ever so unhelpful search button,

    But as mentioned before, lots of stuff from the HL side of the pond is hard to do (WAY too much stuff to list)

    However to be fair I'm sure pandora the explorer, jack's son 5, ad verb, madonna 1, madonna returns, madonna gets a divorce, the david letterman cut, and Exodus are plenty hard to do as well....
  10. Haha, that just made my day. :)
  11. hahhaha I gotta agree magic shadow, hey btw where is the infitity sequence. I think its on the me vid but at which second?
  12. I totaly agree pandora and lethal are the hardest flourishes for me!
  13. You will cry, when you get to the next moves, if you think that pandora and lethal are the hardest ones..
  14. its on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnNMJMFiHio

    the final display is at the end of the video.
  15. Ohh I know xD it looks awesome..
  16. ...5 ALIVE!!!

    360 Rev, Rev E, and for some reason Pandora.
  17. Lethal, Pandora, Jackson 5, Molocule 4, and Downfall (or the one that looks like it when the packet is thrown into the air.
  18. Anti-Faro...5 Alive...Rev E from Hell...
  19. No not really (^_^).........
    The hardest flourish is the Tudor Cut Two.:eek:
  20. Pandora is the hardest to get smooth.
    L-cuts are also hard to get smooth.
    Hardest move to get down for me is the Eye-Cut but then again not sure if its really a flourish.

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