Has this ever happen to you guys?

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  1. Hey guys, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Anyways I haven't been having the best, more like one of the worst. It was the last day of school before Winter break, so I decided why not show a couple effects I've been saving for a long time. I also decided why not bring my Smoke and Mirrors v5 with me, (Im the classy type). During the day i was keeping my v5 in my jacket pocket at the same time being very careful not to ruin the box or anything since these decks will be rare. At some point I think i dropped them, I started worrying. Then I got home and I always check my Facebook and email after school, I got a personal message from one of my friends. He told me that one of his friends had stolen my deck. Instead of returning my deck, he decided to take it home with him!! I have another week before school starts again and I did not sleep very well last night. I kept thinking about how bad the deck could be by the time I get it back, i.e damaged box, thick cards. I started getting really mad about how much disrespect he gave me. Hopefully he hasn't done much to them and everything will be fine, but still people can be very curious. Most non-magicians don't know how to take good care of a deck (ex. washing your hands). So to wrap it all up my question is, has this or something similar ever happen to you guys? And what do you think would be the best action for me to take? My friend recommended I tell his mom and make them pay back the money of how much the deck cost, but i don't think I'll do that. Thanks for spending your time reading this post!
  2. I have not had the exact thing happen but I lost a strolling effect while sitting in an airport. It was about a $25 effect and it slipped right out of my pocket while waiting on my next flight. I got onto the plane, reached for it to perform the effect for the person sitting next to me on the flight and it was gone. Ugh...makes you get a sick feeling in your stomach.

    In the big scheme of life, I know it sucks but they are just cards and can be replaced.
  3. My first deck of guardians was also stolen from my bag in my classroom some years ago...I got really mad...that`s why I try to not have custom on me never...well I have my propaganda deck right here in the firm...but it`s because I know everyone and I trust them...

    Also I lost a Distortion gimmick in a gig...I still don`t know how it happened...that`s why you should always have your stuff in a secure bag or a pocket that doesn`t let stuff slip out...
  4. and this is the reason I only bring bikes to school
  5. This is also a reason that I have heard many pros say that it is good to have 2 of every prop / and or gimmick so that if something like this happens..."The Show Must Go On". Especially if you are traveling a lot and unloading and loading props into bags, luggage, etc.

    I know that has nothing to do with Stolen Cards but just food for thought.
  6. one of the reasons I try not to spend a lot of money on special cards. Cards are disposable to me. I mean, I treat them well, but they're going to get messed up sometime... and especially here in Germany, if I go outside it's freezing and the deck will be ruined upon returning... I did lose my wallet once though in colorado... ID. Social Security Card. Credit Card/Debit... but it also had a lubor lens in it! fortunately I got the wallet back several months later! after replacing all but the lubor lens, which was still inside.
  7. Hasn't happened yet but I've had my smoke gimmick fall out of my pocket and my psypher marker before. I pat my pockets fairly regularly so I found out it was missing right away.
  8. The bad thing about that is that if you were in a crowed place...maybe they could be long gone and impossible to find...
  9. Just yesterday, I was at the mall and I had my Perfect PENetration gimmick with me and it fell out of my pocket. I didn't notice until a kid walked by and started kicking it while he was walking. So to risk looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people, I had to pretty much stalk the kid until he walked into a Gamestop. Then I casually kneeled down to tie my shoe and picked up the gimmick.
    It may sound like a stupid story but it was really intense at the time!
  10. I'm pretty sure I spent my steel core quarter, as I can't find it anywhere in my room.
  11. I have lost two bat gimmicks and many gimmicked coins. I have stopped taking any gimmicks to nonpayed events. I just bring cards everywhere I go.
  12. I did tje pen thru bill at school. Then some one stole it. I looked frantically for it and they gave it back a week later and said " thant is a good trick!" it was bitter sweet
  13. Stop being so materialistic.
  14. I myself have lost quite a few gimmicks in the past. I'm pretty sure I have spent my bite out quarters and my steel core quarter, so I try not to get alot of gimmicked coins. But, back to the point, they are just cards and that guy probably thinks he is helping, so dont get mad at him for picking it up. Would you rather have just lost them forever or would you rather get them back knowing that someone tried to help in some way, shape or form?
  15. Your right, i could've lost them forever, i should just be happy someone i know has it. Anyways he did say he's going to give it back, so I guess I'd rather have a somewhat damaged deck of cards, then losing them forever.
  16. The Wort of them all

    Back in high school, i had never had a problem with losing anythign or getting robbed, but one day i had a show directly after school, so i had to bring my gimmicks with me since i didnt have a way to stop home between school and the show, so i put my red gaff deck, invisible deck, and black tiger deck in my gym locker, well during gym a kid came in the locker room grabed the lok cutters from the office cut 4 locks stole some ppls money but luckily i carried my wallet to gym, but he look my pants with all the decks the pockets and threw them in the toliet and flushed. i come back to the locker room shocked and the bathroom was gushing with water and ruined a bunch of back pacjs, but that was 70- 90 bucks down the drain. luckily my partner had the rest of the gimmicks with him at the shop, but i never got justice.

    i went to a school in a ruff neighborhood with no serveilance nothing, the best i got is well try to get the kid. He managed to get away with breaking into the locker room, teachers office and 4 lockers, dam school.....

    you may say im ignorant for bringing so much to school but i had no choice.....
  17. It's never fun to lose something of value, be it personal or monetary, but it sounds like you're getting it back soon at least. The deck might be too messed up to use for flourishes or certain magic tricks, but in worst case scenario you can use it for tricks that needs destroying cards.
  18. I've had sponge balls fly out of my truck when I had the windows down haha. Most of the props I use it wouldn't bother me if I lost (rubber bands, packs of cards, balloons). Although I have come close to losing one of my Walking Liberty half dollars which scared the hell out of me. I'm also missing a porper clip with a pack of bikes in it...could care less about the cards, I just want my clip back! haha
  19. Yeah, I'd say. At 30 bucks a pop? I would want that back right away.
  20. This sort of thing happened to me i had my fan back tallys in my locker and we have combinational locks on them so no one could take them well One of my friends brought a deck of cards to school and at the end of the day he had left them in someone eleses desk he thought i took them so when i was leaving i opened my locker and he grabbed them and ran home i was so pissed that the next day i yelled at him about stealing them and he goes well wheres my cards he found his and felt like a dumbass :) so i got my cards back in the exact same condition as i left them so you can only hope that happens with you

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