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  1. What tricks do you guys do when there's a guy who's constantly burning your hands, asking to shuffle the deck, and trying to point out all your sleights? Is there a perfect, angle proof, can't mess up trick for hecklers? What do you guys do for a heckler?
  2. This is the most original thread ever!
  3. well, yes there are many threads discussing hecklers but i haven't seen one on tricks to fool a heckler. If there is one then could someone give me the link?
  4. Here's my approach.

    Glimpse the bottom card while you're talking to them, force it on them and make a really big deal about squaring the deck carefully, as if you're really trying to hold a break or identify the location of the card in some way. The heckler will love this and think they've found the perfect opportunity to screw with you, so they'll want to shuffle the deck. Act reluctant, but finally give in and watch their hands in a slightly concerned way while they shuffle. Then cull the selection to the top and turn over a double to show an indifferent card. Your attitude at this point should be one of relief, as if you think you've succeeded. At this point allow the heckler a moment of glory before you execute a change and produce the actual selection. You win.
  5. ***K off by chad nelson lots of practice but awsome trick or herdberg peaks
  6. Why do magicians always want to belittle hecklers? I suggest you do not act as if you are the superior. You want to entertain the crowd. You don't want to act as if you're better than them because you can do card tricks. If I were heckled, I would finish off the trick I was doing and say to the spectators something along these lines:

    "It seems as if this guy wants to ruin all your fun. I was hoping to entertain you with some magic but it is only fun for you if you don't know the secret. Trust me, I know the secret and it's not as much fun to watch once you know what it is. Since he wants to reveal all the secrets, I won't perform anymore because it won't be as much fun. Thanks." [You then put away whatever you were doing away]

    This will cause the spectators to become annoyed with the heckler. They will want to see more magic and will tell the heckler off. Most hecklers at this point will stop. If they don't, just spring the cards in their face and run away!!! :p

  7. In the book Session, the magic of Joel GIvens By: Joshua Jay, there is a fantastic trick called heckler stopper. The heckler shuffles the deck after picking a card. YOu then show he shuffled it back an face. You fix it, produce their card which the audience saw, but they argue with you saying it was a different card, and you produce that from your pocket saying you don't have it in the deck.
    This can really insult a heckler and make the m feel terrible so only if you feel you need to.

    Definitely check out this book though, Excellent stuff.
  8. Shanku is right... If you really just want to confuse a heckler, just do anything you know your sleight of hand is flawless with. Me and Sleight_of_hand had a heckler not too long ago, a couple of weeks now and we pretty much just quietened him with sleights he couldn't catch - I did Bad Influence, he did Triumph...
  9. Do simple, self-working tricks that aren't easy to figure out.

  10. You mean the 21 card trick? :p
  11. to powerful...be careful with your weapons..

    I don´t think it is the best way to talk like "ooohhh boys...i wanted to show you great magic and entertain you for a living but there is a son of a cow around who wants to ruin that WONDERFUL experience for you...so no....I´m in a snit now...im afraid i can´t go on with the magic ...girls.."

    In my opinion that turns out as the same as littling the heckler....but instead you are raising yourself up....thats almost even worse...

    Absolutly best way is it to just have some things in your arsenal, which can instantly cause him to shut up. (Card to mouth...works unbelievably great, or a force - mind reading thing...because after the force there is no sleight of hand for the heckler to catch...kills him)
  12. I walk away, and perform to someone who will appreciate it more. This has never happened to me personally, and I hope it never does.
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    This has never happened to me so extremely.
    But there are a few tricks I would imagine I would do if it did.

    #1. Hedberg's peak.

    #2. Colour.

    #3. Calmly leave and perform for other people ( the people who were enjoying the performance may come back but hopefully the heckler will not. ) !.

  14. The best trick for handling a heckler is experience.

    Being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation will help you to remain calm and professional when situations are less-than-ideal. I've often had guys come up after I finish a set at the bar and they shake hands and tell me that they were trying so hard to mess me up, etc, and they ended up giving up and had a great time.

    Free drinks usually follow.

    While walking away works in strolling situations, and I've certainly said "thanks but no thanks" to a hostile table, learning to actually deal with the situation will serve you well if you ever start performing platform/stage shows in which you can't simply leave the performance space and find a new audience.

    I'd suggest you read books on dealing with people, usually found in self-help/psychology sections of bookstores, and put those ideas to work. See what fits your style and work on that like it's a shiny new sleight.

  15. Joel Givens has a pretty great effect in his book "Sessions" written by Joshua Jay.

    It's proven to be a useful effect to have in my arsenal. I highly suggest not just the effect, but the entire book.

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