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  1. Hi I'm new here. iv been on E. forums for about months. i just found t.11 it seems like a great place.i am getting ready to put in a pretty big order just wondering if anyone could tell me is the dangerous DVDs any good and the trilogy by Dan&:D thanks for any help.
  2. Hey mate.

    Have a look at the review forums and read a coupla reviews. Ultimately it's about your personal preferences; d+M and D&D have different styles. I personally liked Dangerous reasonably well, but strongly dislike the Trilogy - but that's just me, and the majority of forumgoers here I think would disagree with me. If you're just starting magic though, there are a few better places to turn...
  3. Welcome
    The trilogy is good stuff, if your interested in that. Well taught. If you've got money to spare, then fork it over! not so sure about Dangerous, haven't seen it

  4. I personally love the trilogy. The tricks DVD teaches great sleights, the flourish DVD has some of my favorite flourishes of all time, and the 3rd disk is simply incredible.
  5. Get the Trilogy, you won't regret it!
  6. YEAH, the triology is stuffed with tons of things!
    It's AWESOME if your really into cards!:D
  7. Probably should take a minute or two to look over the forums and get familular with the layout before making posts like this.

    This is better suited from the forum about product reviews more so than general discussion.

    The Buck twins create some amazing videos and you can't go wrong, and for the price they charge for the CD's it had better be good stuff!

    The only negative thing I will say about the Buck twins work is that I personally think (and I'm sure others will back me up on this) that only about 65% of their work is practical. The Buck twins have a lot of moves, flourishes, and ect that boarderline juggling with cards. Their basic material is more than potenent enough to make your average spectators jaw drop. I wouldn't recomend a lot of their material for beginners. If your new to card magic you are far better off going with Royal Road or something simular. Expect to take a while to master the Buck twins material, and expect to throw your cards at the door on more than one ocassion.

    Dangerous is okay. I've not read any negative reviews about it. I've not personally watched it, but from what I've read, and been told by others it is a fairly good working view into the D:M's presentation of "street" magic.

    Just as an added disclaimer: I'm pretty luke warm though on card magic in general, so I'm going to try to keep my jaded opinions to myself as much as possible. I think your better off spending the money on Strong Magic by Ortiz or Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber, than both the Buck twins DVD set and this Dangerous, but thats again just me. After watching kid after kid after kid botch performances online because it was "the next hot thing" has reaffirmed my belief that to be a good magician you need a strong foundation in theory as well as practice.

    Food for thought.
  8. Depends on what you perform. The tricks on dangerous mostly involve palming but i use them a lot and they are very effective. the tricks on trilogy are mostly tricks for magicians but the flourishes are amazing and on the 3rd disk contains lots of tidbits that are very cool. Motion is also cool, i recommend it.
  9. Really? :confused:
  10. Thats is not treu. You just got tou present it different. These are killer effect for everyone that enjoy magic. Laymen AND magicians.
    The trilogy is perfect for laymen. Stop this idiot discussion. please. (No attempt to attack you personaly, Chrisbo)

  11. No actually, I'd agree to a fair extent with Chrisbo's statement. I don't see how it's "idiot" discussion. The point is far from clear.

    Nonetheless, whether such discussion belongs here, is a different thing altogether.
  12. Then please, try to explain me why the bucks lagic is pure and only for magicians and nto for laymen.

  13. Read just about any post of mine on the subject of Dan & Dave magic in relation to their construction and style. Saves me from having to copy and paste.

    Incidentally, the statement said mostly for magicians. Please don't try to change what people say.
  14. Firstly, welcome to T11.

    The Trilogy is great for learning many slieghts and flashy moves, aswell as alot of cuts. The cuts on the Trilogy are hard than the cuts on Dangerous IMO, and I believe the tricks on Trilogy are more for magicians than the ones on Dangerous. But it's up to you and what you're after, id suggest doing alot of research as they're pricey dvd's and you want to be sure you're getting what's best for you.
  15. i would deff say go with dangerous. The effect d+m gives are simple yet they hit hard. Remember its not about what the best trick is but how you use the trick to make it the best.
  16. I agree with the statement that most of the Bucks material is for magicians.

    The moves are flashy, and overly complicated. Magicians know a double lift when they see one, so new moves are created to accomplish the same thing but in a diffrent way as to throw magicians off the trail. A spectator wouldn't know a double lift if it happend right before them. (And it often does)

    As I've said, the Bucks have got some good material. A lot of it isn't suited for a nyophite, and most of it goes above and beyond what you would ever need in a practical working setting.

    If you master their material you'll look like a god when it comes to cards, but the question you really have to ask yourself is: "Do I really have the time or ambition to sit down for hours each day and learn their complicated moves until I can perform them smoothly?"

  17. You could look at them as the Newtons if cardmagic. They invent but in the hardcore way. The first Book by Newton was impossible to understand for laymen. The same for the bucks, They invent and make revolutionairy combination of sleights and invinet or adapt new sleights. Just learn their magic adn adapt it to your routine or style.

  18. The difference is, Newton did not have to answer to laymen, magicians do. Although I do agree about adapting magic; my problem is only with the magic itself, not to say that it can't be done well.
  19. :eek: I thought I was the only one!
    You gotta remember though that most people here haven't got or seen other materials other than the hip new DVDs.
  20. Okay for starters if you are going to counterdict me then make sure your post is readable, second I would hardly compair them to newton, I would compare vernon or carney to newton long before the twins.

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