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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thetyhoss, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Ive been doing magic for about a year and a half now and Ive learned a lot of tricks and done a few parties and things like that but frankly im gettin bored with my tricks and i want something devastating and hard hitting
  2. stigmata...
    thats all im saying
  3. I will assume you do close-up. Invest in True Astonishments and Art Of Astonishment Volumes 1 - 3. That'll keep you occupied.
  4. who is your favorite magician ?
  5. try NuSense

    I recently picked this trick up. I got it first when it came out, i was a beta tester for lee asher but once i got it i mistakenly let it collect dust on my shelf. I found it the other day and ran though it and i just cant stop. Its improptu, halorious & hits u with a sucker punch ending. Its got everything that should be in a one man show. Beleive me, this practually booked my 1st gig all by its self. NuSense by Alan Nu. I got my at lee
    have fun.
  6. I don't know what you currently have but I'm willing to bet there is something both devastating and hard hitting in what you currently do. Get your head outside the box. Look at things differently, re-work, re-write, re-dream. I'm sure you've got gems you never even knew you had!
  7. Just get about any book in magic and thats enough material for a long while.

    David Copperfield must feel this allot, he does the same tricks 2 times a night, for what 200-odd days of the year, for years.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Draven. Take the time to step outside the box, and look at your tricks that you already know. Look how Wayne dressed up the Two Card Transpo into...French Kiss. You'll be amazed by how hard-hitting your 'regular' tricks can be when dressed up and presented properly.
    Good luck.
  9. Draven brought up a great point. Look at what you do already and "how" you are presenting / dressing it up. I've been performing some of my same effects for 10 years and change the way I present them all of the time to make them stronger or more enjoyable. Also...If you have not gotten into any type of mentalism effects, you may want to check out Max Maven's PRISM book. I have found quite a few gems in there that are destroying people mentally.
  10. Copied response. Craig has a good post in one of the other threads as well about this. And Draven makes a good point.
  11. When I was working restaurants regularly, I found that I'd get bored with my material every now and again. Granted, I was always trying something new with the old stuff, trying to improve the old stuff, etc. Still do it to this day... but bored at the same time.

    So what I started to do was learn a new trick, and try it out several times a night while I was still learning it. Talk about nervousness and fun at the same time. Remembering the sleights, patter, etc. Most of the time it went over well... sometimes I bombed it. Luckily, it was only my regulars that ever saw stuff like that. So not a major deal. But fun nonetheless.

    Also, making up magic on the spot. One coin routines, Ambitious card stuff, etc. A lot of possibilities with the egg bag, chop cup, coins across, etc.

    Just some food for though is all.
  12. Why not take away from magic for awhile and go enjoy the better things in life, then come back and try out your old stuff again.
  13. I couldn't think of anything better in life than magic!
  14. Quoted for truth!!!
  15. Sex. money. having a life. being able to pay bills. Not developing OCD with it. having a Social life.

    Want me to continue?
  16. So you're saying all magicians who enjoy doing magic...

    don't have sex
    don't make any money
    don't have a life
    can't pay bills
    don't have a social life?

    Quite a very rude and disrespectful remark regarding EVERYONE in magic.

    You need a lot of growing up to do, and take a course on being respectful, that should do you some good.

  17. Exactly! I took a long hiatus from magic, and it was the best thing I've ever done. I quit my restaurants, slowed waaaay down on the private events, and just enjoyed not touching cards, coins, traveling, performing, etc. I'm still taking a break, but am slowly getting back into magic again. Slowly.
  18. Nope. I said there are better things THAN magic and always will be. I think you need to log off and go find something else to do if your going to take what I said the wrong way.

    The kid said he was bored with his stuff. I suggested he take a vacation away from it. So he could recharge his batteries.
  19. Art Of Magic! Very great DVD. Only five tricks, yet VERY good ones. I defiantly recommend this to all who does not have this.

  20. Some people use magic to get money and sex
    For some people that is their life
    some people have a social life because of magic
    some people use it too pay bills

    should i continue?

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