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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Hello there!

    Ive recently thought about putting some of my created effects, flourishes, performances etc up to the wire, however I have absolutely 0 skill with editing video. I have tried in the past, I know the very basics...but it essentially looks like a grade 7 edited my videos lol.

    Im wondering if anybody on here would want to help me out? If I shoot edit it (doesnt have to be hollywood production, just the basics that make it presentable). For things that are uploaded obviously have full recognition, and if I send any tricks in for purchase, id have no problem splitting any profits it makes 50/50.

    Ive been performing for over 6 years now, lots of live shows at weddings, comedy clubs etc etc, and do have footage, but I am looking for more close up, stuff I can eventually put on my website.

    Thanks again to anybody willing to help!
  2. I can help you, I use Sony Vegas Pro 11.And if you want to we can chat here or thru Skype.Nickname "frandece".So add me pls ^^


    Fran Dc
  3. Here via pm works, i never use skype lol

    I have a trick that i will be filming over the holidays... i can do the initial edits to weed out the crap clips, then let you do your thing.

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