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Help Finding Flourish Tutorial

Oct 2, 2012
I was watching the interview with two of the people from the awesome looking movie that is coming out soon "Now You See Me". I saw three flourishes I really want to learn and don't know where they are located and where I can buy tutorials for them (if any).

1. Flicker type move with deck in hand.
2. The Surfer
3. Ace spin on thumb
(sorry the names I'm 99% sure are wrong and please correct me)




Elite Member
Sep 8, 2012
Quebec, Canada
Silver surfer you can find it on Lee Asher website, it's called Lee Asher's Five Card Stud, the ace spinning on the thumb it's on Genesis 1 if i'm not wrong and the "flicker" you say it's bullet, you can find it also in Genesis 1 here on T11.
Oct 2, 2012
All right cool thanks a million! Can already practicably tell how the "Silver Surfer" is done and won't need to get this one, but the Genesis serious will defiantly be my next purchase!
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