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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by newmagician353, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hi! I'm a new magician currently learning card magic. There's one trick I saw performed by David Blaine that I'd quite like to learn right now; I haven't been able to find a name for it that I could look up, so I'm hoping someone could help me here :)

    Based on my currently mediocre knowledge of card magic, I assume that he simply has the deck pre-arranged in B/R/B/R order, and alternates between single lifts and very clean double lifts. Is it really that simple, though? When I attempt it, I often worry about my cards bending or sliding to reveal the card underneath - doing this cleanly seems incredibly difficult. Is there another explanation, or is this just a practice makes perfect scenario?

    Thank you!
  2. At what point in the video are you referring... I don't have 45 minutest to watch the whole thing....
  3. Oh, thought I copied the timestamp into the URL. Sorry. It's at 29:27.
  4. To paraphrase somethimg that @ChristopherT said, David employs systems. start with some educated guesses about human nature to set up the deck and then layer in some NLP and subconscious influence concepts. If that doesn't work, have multiple outs based on sleight of hand. Play up the that there is no need for you to touch the card when that is the case. I would make the trick a little rougher to make the moves easier. :cool: Also, I d stack the odds as well as other things in my favor.
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  5. I think making it a bit rougher, if I catch your meaning (Or perhaps if you catch mine), is quite possibly how I'd do it, too, just to make it a bit simpler. I don't know if this is published anywhere - Blaine definitely has some stuff that either he or his consultants have created just for him. I kinda like it, though.
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  6. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely attempt to implement those things :)

    However, I'm afraid I'm still a bit daft when it comes to subtle insinuations regarding magic... this is all still new to me. Could you guys perhaps give me a less subtle hint for what you mean by making it "a bit rougher?"
  7. Hehe! :D

    (That's what I was thinking as I was watching it too)

    Oh and newmagician353, I might recommend looking into an invisible deck. It's a totally different effect, but it's something you might find interesting. It's a good trick for new magicians too.
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  8. i am assuming that there is a protocol against expressly tipping off the method David seems to be using to accomplish that effect, although a significant clue has been given. Perhaps it would provide a further clue to say that very rarely in life does making something rough for someone enable him to be smooth - but this may be just such an instance.
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  9. Ah... finally figured it out. Thanks everyone! :)
  10. Although I don't know the exact method, I have several ideas for methods. The clues are much like how Penn talks to magicians on Fool Us. If you have a basic knowledge, you will understand.

    That is where having a good foundation in magic helps. Expand beyond YouTube exposure channels. Get a copy of Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and where it talks about dyachilon substitute roughing fluid, Dullcote, or mounting spray.
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