Oct 15, 2007
Hey Guys, I'm experiencing serious internet problem and can't connect to any sites (excluding this one and E, no idea why). I am able to connect to Skype but no other internet service except for the ones stated above. This brings me to beleive I may have a virus which has blocked port 8080 (http protocol port). AVG scan has turned up with nothing and I'm about to scan with S & D. If anyone knows what else to do PLEASE help. Sorry for posting a computer problem in a magic site but it seems to be the only site I can access.
Sep 1, 2007
although this sounds pretty strange to me, if you really think it's a virus and you can't find anything with your antivirus software, it's always a good idea to check with mcafee stinger, the latest version is 3.8 as far as i know and you can find it HERE.
from what you've described i would expect the problem to be something else.
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