Holiday Wheel 2019?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. E's Mysteries, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Tha's so dope, 5 spins and 4 "No Reward" lol
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  2. Wow, congrats! Still running on "no reward" here... :(
  3. Anyone else running into a problem getting to the wheel today?
  4. Try going to the basic link. My phone always pulls up the super long web address from my last free spin; it works after I delete everything after holiday/contest .
  5. You're welcome!
  6. After a whole week of "No reward"... finally 100 points!
  7. Can anyone please jinx me? I'm on a 6 day no reward streak. I've tried jinxing myself so I could turn my luck around but nothing.

    Please jinx me everybody
  8. First Spin... No reward
    My luck is amazing :D:D
  9. You're going to get no reward again!
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  10. I would absolutely love to win some Gold Artisans OR a signed Derren Brown deck from the wheel. Has anyone had any big wins yet that isn’t points? :)
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  12. Jinx
  13. I got the Monarch Uncut Sheet
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  14. That’s awesome. Congratulations! On a free spin or was it for a product purchase?
  15. yes. Actually it said I spun, but it never did. I also havent gotten any spins for purhcases over the last two purchases.
  16. Thanks! And it was on a free spin.
  17. Just bought 12 Star Wars decks
    12 spins

    8 of those No Rewards - lol
  18. Wow
  19. Does it restart the 24 hours cycle from when you spin the last spin, or did it continue from where it was at

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