Holiday Wheel 2019?

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  1. Same here, bought 4 Star Wars decks and no added spins
  2. Hi Romy,

    In the event that you do not receive an email with your spins for the purchase (check spam folder also), reach out to and they can hook you up with your spins!

    This goes for everyone else also who hasn't received spin emails yet. We'll get ya covered!
  3. I just ordered some Star Wars cards and didn’t receive my spins so I sent an email. I had no problem with the order I made the other day however.
  4. My email with my spins just showed up.
  5. I'm glad I'm not alone with the "No Reward". 6 spins, 4 no rewards.

    I think I'll stick to free spins now lol
  6. The wheel this year has been relentless to me.

    Got 100 points once, 50 a few times, a lot of no rewards.

    Which is fine. Means some lucky cat will get something really cool.
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  7. I... um... I just apparently won a deck of Brown Wynns?

    Hereby making this ***THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!?!?!?!***

    Thanks, Theory11 Friends! And Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful one! :D
  8. I won 1000 elite points!! nice!! btw.. I already have 11,000 elite points acumulated!! any news if I am getting a steel card @Casey Rudd ? just wondering!!! I hope you guys had a great XMAS!!
  9. Keep your eye on your email inbox soon!
  10. Hi Casey...I have 19500 elite points..just under 2 years now since I broke the 10000 barrier...but no steel card sent to me...any chance of tracking down the reason why it has taken soooooo long ???...thanks and this year on the wheel I have had about 12 no prize but it is the possibility that keeps me going.
  11. I won Mailchimp Summer Edition and about 1500 points so far!
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  12. Hey guys just a random question since I'm new to this whole thing

    Do the points disappear after the 1st of January or do they remain with me? I'm talking about the points from the Holiday wheel contest

    And the second question is, is there any way i could know if the products in the archive are about to be changed to other products
  13. I just signed up here. My 14 year old son has started doing cardestry and magic with cards (forgive me if the terms are incorrect) can someone explain the contest? I got 2 spins and spun both. Got points for both but I don’t know what I do with the points or how I find out how many I have (as I have already forgotten how many I got?). I’m hoping to win some cool things for him?
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  14. Erin:

    Welcome your son to magic and cardistry from all of us here and a welcome to you to the forums. You will find a lot of good advice and a lot of folks willing to help guide you and your son along the way.

    As for Elite points, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select "Elite Points." Elite points can be used against orders (once you order, there is a slider that allows you to use the points) or to purchase things on the archive. Click here for more details:
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  15. Thank you so much. Yes, my son is excited about this site. I know he’ll love the Star Wars cards I ordered for him!!
  16. Elite points stay with you for any amount of time until they are spent in the Archive or used to create a discount code for your order.

    Regarding the Archive, the items are changed out randomly without alert.
  17. I'm in the same boat. 90% of my spins have been for no rewards. I'd love to win a signed NPH deck!
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  19. Tons of no rewards for me also. Having a rough patch of bad luck for sure!

  20. I’d love to bag the Gold Artisans! Incredible for you!
    What a win! Well done :).

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