Holiday Wheel 2019?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. E's Mysteries, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Yeahhh I know righttt. Couldn't believe it myself.

    It's not too late for you, trust me keep spinning. I had a 6 day no reward streak, I thought that's it for me and im not gonna win anything.

    Little do I know, I just won a deck of gold artisans.

    Hope you win something too :))
  2. Hey by the way guys, I kinda need your help in clarifying something for me.

    So yesterday I thought about spending my elite points to get the Red Titanium Uncut Sheet Edition from the Archive. However, when I ordered it using my elite points it was registered in the orders section with a writing in a faded grey font "Download"

    Does that mean I'll only be receiving the download version of the Uncut sheet or what? I'm kind of confused here, I never bought an uncut sheet before.

    Please help
  3. It's a physical uncut sheet that is shipped to the address entered when redeeming the item. You should receive a physical uncut sheet.
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  4. Ohhh gotcha Casey. Thank you for clarifying. Really appreciate it
  5. Now THAT is a seriously great prize!
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  6. Because here is how it was written. Is that normal?

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  7. Just a visual bug. Nothing to worry about here.
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  8. Yeah i couldnt belive it at first, i usually never have any luck but this time Woah!

  9. Goodness me. I’ve just checked what these are, they look a stunning deck, and an absolutely super secondary price tag to match!

    congratulations on your win. :)
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  10. Oh wow.... summer mailchimps. You are so lucky! Congrats on getting the coolest deck ever. I have been wanting those ever since I got into card collecting. Pink is my favorite color... haha... enjoy such a beautiful deck! Out of curiosity, do you plan on opening the deck or keeping it sealed?
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  11. I got around 900 points and a Monarch Uncut Sheet
  12. Nice! I've got a few thousand points which is awesome... but I haven't gotten anything physical. But hey, its still free points! it got me to elite membership so its great!
  13. Thank you!
    My brother’s daughter is 8 and she loves pink so i think im gonna give them to her so she can use them as spoke cards on her pink little bike :)

    Naah just kidding, it will remain sealed in my collection haha
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  14. The bike freaked me out... ! But if I had them I’d probably open them. Cards, in my eyes, are meant to be used. It may be worth more to others, but it would make it worth more to me. Haha congrats
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  15. Holy Shit guys, I just won a GOLD RAREBIT deck!!!

    This was my last spin of 2019, and i thought all i'll be getting was points, little did i know, i got a GOLD RAREBIT DECK!!

    Im just so glaaaaad!
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  16. I still haven't received an email to claim my prize but I'm waiting impatiently. Its killing me hahaha
  17. I have to wait about another six hours for my next spin. Hopefully the last one of the decade is a home run!!!!!!!!!
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  18. You had me in the first half...not gonna lie

    Sheesh! Lol
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  19. I know it is not going to happen, but if it does - PLEASE SEND PHOTOS!

    // L
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  20. The Wheel sucked big time for me this year.
    In comparison, last year I won 13 times (All Points). This year I won 4 times (Again.. All points)
    What a difference!! lol
    Congratulations to all the winners!

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