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    ATTENTION: the replies below are from when I had a different video up. The new one is much improved.

    Hey guys, ArcaneTiger99 here with a new challenge for all of you. Who can make the best homemade vansih device? Post your video on this thread.
  2. Im not trying to be rude, but the vanish wasn't that great. Your body position was awkward, and your hand movements were fast and short and VERY weird. Also before you vanish an object you should display it more. I had to re-watch the video to comprehend what I just saw vanish.

    Also, if you are going to role up your sleeves, don't do it after the vanish. In my opinion (others may disagree), you should roll up your sleeves before the vanish or not at all. I know you cant roll them up before because of the device.

    It is a good work in progress, and could end up really great if you work on some subtleties, and on more natural movements.
  3. I know that it was bad and you are right... i made this device with fishing line and rubber bands.....the camera was in the wrong spot and i wanted to just do it fast... i've been practicing in front of the mirror and it has improved greatly... i know that you could see it in my sleeve.... i had to bend down so that you could accually see the trick, my camera was on low battery and the rubberband was burning my skin. Not to make excuses but those are not normal performing conditions and my magic looks much better live.

    thank you for the advice.... i had to work fast, i will probably repost a new video soon
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    i just posted the new one
  5. That was actually a ton better. See how much you can improve in an hour! It is also very good for being a self made "Mcgyver" device. Keep up the good work. You are on to a great vanish.

    (EDIT: I love watching the two videos in a row and seeing how much it has improved already)
  6. Thank you! I'm trying to think of ways to make the device more practical, any suggestions?
  7. If the rubber band is burning your arm, you could wrap and glue fabric around it.
  8. yeah..... i think i'll just buy a TKO so i dont have to wear a jacket on a 102 degree day like today
  9. Yes i would go with that route. But it is a good experience to try to build stuff, so you can practice trial and error and figure out how stuff works more. great practice
  10. Hey guys, I'm not looking for feedback but thank you for the advice. I'm looking for videos and original gimmicks and tricks

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