How can I improve my website?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. My website is in my sig, I was just wanting your ideas of how I could improve it. Any help is appreciated :)
  2. I kinda like it!

    But change some of the text fonts/colors. On the right side sidepanel they are quite unreadable!
  3. Thank you, I shall write this in my notes :) - I am taking down everyone's ideas so I know what to improve. :)
  4. ide make like a logo or something so you look all official.:cool:
  5. He has a logo, its all over the place :)
  6. I quiet like it,

    Infact its one of the only 'Personal Magician' sites I do like.

    Well done man
  7. I'm no pro website designer, but whenever I visit a website's mainpage and it's loaded full of text sort of bloggish style, I wonder where I should start.

    If it's not too hard, I'd reduce the size of your mainpage so that it could be completely seen on one screen with no up-down scroll bar. Maybe filling in a lot of that empty space on the sides (not all of it) and reducing the blog posts to snippets or links that a person could navigate with rather than throwing the whole kit'n'kabootle on the front page.

    Other than that, the design is really good. I like the nav bar at the top above the banner and I kinda like the color scheme.
  8. Im currently in the process of redesigning my web page, which sucks, as ive now had about 5 different pages I have wanted,

    Still trying to work out exactly what I want,

    So far have something like this:
  9. I don't see anything wrong with it personally. I'd keep it the way it is haha.
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    Steven: Get rid of the stupid picture of you. jk :p Seriously, I would make it more serious (the picture) though.
    Just a little thought.

    The rest I quite like. :)
  11. I think it looks cool, but I can't read a word of it.... ;)
  12. My logo is at the top of every page? I am not understanding what you mean, sorry.

    Thank you, I appreciate it.

    I shall in future keep the posts I create on the main page short and snappy :) - Thank you.

    I shall edit it now, thank you.
  13. Yeah i havent really made it to english yet :)

    Anyways, i think Steve that yours is really good and if you change the stuff that we suggested you will get a good site!
  14. I have changed the image on the right, how does that one look?
  15. Thats cool!

    BTW one thing that just started buggin me more and more is the background. Make a good background, the solid color takes a bit away from the site.

  16. New picture is brilliant!
  17. A website and its design/layout completely depends on its purpose.

    Looking at your site, at first glance, I would assume that you are a magician who wants to keep an updated blog, and that is all.

    To be honest, if I was a prospective client, who was given your business card etc... and I went to your site to check the possibility of hiring you, I would either think you gave me your private website address by mistake, or that you were a bit unprofessional.

    If you are primarily only trying to keep an updated blog about your life and various passions (magic, performing arts, etc...) then your site is great. Pretty simple yet good design, color-scheme (aside from some of the previously mentioned fonts, haha).

    I would however create an entire separate section on your side menu for your links though.

    If you are wanting to have a more professional site and promote your magic for business purposes, then I would keep all of your blogging to a separate page. And as another poster mentioned, you want your main page to have minimal to zero scrolling. Should be simple, and at first glance needs to let people know that the site is a professional business site.
  18. Thank you, I shall look into it.

    Better than before?

    That is what I am doing at the moment, as I am studying at university and not entirely in the industry yet.

    I am not using it mainly for bookings at the moment, just a data base of what I am doing, and what I have done.

    I am not sure what other fonts to use, I feel these fonts I am using gives it a theme. Maybe people don't like them :p

    What do you mean by this? :p

    Thank you for your comments, I have written a few notes on my pad that I may need to change.
  19. Much better than before!

    I agree with the above actually.

    I like the design aspect, but the layout im not to fond of.

    I dont believe the blog should be on the main page,

    And there really should be zero to nil scrolling on the front page at least.

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