how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

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  1. Is it possible to pass solid through solid like this
  2. Not unless you can violate physics. It is possible to make it seem like you did. But it usually
    requires your own television show.
  3. Well, the test if something is possible is to do it.
    I myself cannot do that, so I can assume it's not possible.

    I do a lot of things that I can't do though, which is what magic is after all.

    Some magic, as ID4 says needs some editing as well as an audience full of patsies (television shows), so that the people watching the videos can see "magic"... which is how many magic tricks are sold.
    And that's magic too.

    So to answer your question: of course it is!
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    thanks man for answering .it is the problem that the magic we see on television is not real now a days
  5. Keep in mind that TV magic naturally must be this way.

    You're trying to connect to audiences that can watch Star Wars on the same platform, it's hard to make a close-up vanish beat Darth Vader force choking someone. Even worse you can rewind and tear the thing apart, look up the trick and see how it's done nearly immediately on youtube.
    So TV magic HAS to withstand that level of scrutiny (Which makes it very boring to me).
    Even tricks you might have seen in the "old days" needed to be specially selected and, typically, performed for the camera and NOT the audience.

    This trick, as presented is basically the "coin through glass" for a TV audience. PERHAPS it could be done somewhat similarly in person without a TV crew, but the set-up would be significant, as would be angles and presentation.

    Magic is after all magic, and should not be "possible" otherwise it isn't magic at all. So that effect, even if done in person is definitely NOT possible. It must be magic.
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  6. 1:26 will answer your question.
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    There are two watches in thier
  8. What you're seeing there is a mirror. Those games often have mirrors on the sides to make it appear their are more coins... or whatever. At least in my experience, which is limited.
  9. That is just a mirror. What you see is possible without camera tricks. However, there most likely are three alterations done to the arcade game and a need for the selection of a spectator that meets certain criteria -- you just have to wait and watch for the right one to come along.
  10. And that's a LOT of work! Finding the right person for this kind of trick...
    Although in casual or "street" magic it is an important job so you don't INFLICT magic on helpless and uninterested people.

    The preparation and reset for such a trick, especially considering the small audience would be far too much work, and you literally (outside of TV) would never make a dime.
    Imagine if they wanted the watch back?

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