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  1. Hi, My name is Kenneth Viovicente and I came from Cebu City Philippines. I just drop by to ask something, I have a creation arts of magic, in fact it is very visual and got a strong reactions from spectators.

    I am planning to submit this effect to Theory11 for I trust this organization. My questions are, how do I get started to submit my effect? What would be my benefits I can get from theory11 after they will approve my effect and how long would it take before it will be sell out on net.


    if ever my effect will be approve i would like to request I'd like Wayne Houchin who will be the one who will introduce my effect. I know guys you will like this it is visual and yet simple to do which give your spectators a left hanging mind, asking how it is done. Thank you and God bless you all. Anyway here is my e-mail INNERMIND15@YAHOO.COM.PH
  2. click the sumbmit button, wayne houchin is the person that will watch the video and tell you whats good/bad about it, and if t11 are gonna make a dvd, the dvd would take a few months/ a year to mae and edit and everything.
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  4. Well hello Kenneth and welcome to the forums. :) As a poster above has linked, you can submit your effect there. I hope you have been in magic for a long time and have worked on your effect(s) before deciding to release them. Also, you should make sure that what you put out is original.

    Before ever releasing anything, I feel everybody should read this and watch this.

    Well, your question has been answered and I hope you take the advice that was given to you. :)

  5. Dont Rush It!!!

    It sounds like you have performed it for people but it never hurts to wait. Your effect should be performed time and time again before you try sell it. You may come up with an idea that is good and then a week, month, year later come up with a new move that makes that trick 10 times better. (Happened very recently to me). Best of luck with marketing the effect. Hope all goes well.

  6. Good luck with your submission Kenneth, whenever you decide to submit it.

    Interestingly, it reminds me of the most recent Time to be Awesome. A year and nine months to develop an effect into its best form.. And boy was it much better than the others..
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    Thanks for all of you

    Thank you so much for all of you guys, it helps me a lot to think over and over again. I should have to make it perfect more than what it is looks like right now.

    Actually i have an organization, and we are still going out for a certain place to do street magic with my effect of course only me can perform it because it's my patent hehehe..

    With footage trying to find out if the reactions we can get from different spectators were really constant or even getting more strong reactions as I develop my effect with the help of my team admin and moderator because I also need their comments and suggestions.

    The rest of our member don't have the idea yet how was my effect done, the only person who knows the real secret of my effect was my team admin and the moderator of our organization, we keep it secret from others to avoid it spreading the idea for confidential reasons because as a creator I don't want that somebody will pirate my effect.

    With all this matters we will preview all the footage that we had and try to evaluate and develop its effect from time to time before I submit it to theory11 so that my entry is worth enough for THEORY11.

    Again thank you a lot for all of you.
    Cercan Knight
  8. That's great man, a lot of people don't have that sort of ability to review; again, I really wish you all the best, hope it comes out well and everything :)

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