How do you become a con man ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe Garcia, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Brad,

    Your punishment should be to simply watch Phantom Menace again, period.

    By the way, if you haven't seen the 7-part, 70 minute critique of Phantom Menace on YouTube, it's epic.

    Best. Critique. Ever.

  2. This discussion went from con's and scams to Star Wars... god I love my brothers in magic.

  3. As it has been stated, being a con man is illegal. First rule of conning is you don't talk about conning. The real workers won't advertise it, they just do it.
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    Joe Garcia asked, "Anytips guys on where to get knowledge of Con Artists? Some books, dvds etc you can recommend."

    Well Mr. Garcia if you'd like to spend some money and a little time on google type in "Books on con artists" the first link is a book by Denis Marlock which its title is very similar to the thread title.

    Then there are the books suggested by Mr. England, the manuscripts and reading material such as Yellow Kid and The Bunko Book. May I also suggest
    "Cheats, Cons, Swindles and Tricks: 57 Ways to Scam a Free Drink" by Brian Brushwood.

    On the subject of Brian Brushwood may I direct you to free sources of information. Scam School hosted by Brian Brushwood, True Hustle which I am sure can be found online. If you can get history channel, travel channel, etc. they usually have during the day, non prime time, documentaries on cheaters and cons. "Las Vegas: Cheaters Beware" is one that I have watched many times on the travel channel. Then there is/was I am not quite sure, "Breaking Vegas" History channel?

    The biggest advice I can and will type to you is this, use the greatest source of information next to public library to research the subject further. That resource is the internet, speaking from experience researching on the internet has led me to finding huge sums of information about a certain subjects. But with that said know where your information is coming from. I do not suggest you get your info from wikipedia.

    Also I am going to apologize now if I sounded like a broken record, I stopped reading past the original post when I started to read stuff along the lines of why do you want to be a con man, or steal innocent peoples money blah blah blah.

    Just another thought, how easy would it be for a magician to become a con artist? I mean we already deceive, we know the moves, and we have a general understanding of how our tricks trick people, a subject that has recently been explored by the scientific community. Would it be safe to say what separates magicians from con man, is ethics and in some case legality? Or could it even be made simpler by saying it is the intent?

    Anyway, I hope this helps solidify what I am sure has already been said.

    Ciao for now,
  5. Jason, I was the one who made that remark. I apologize for that. I know you are very qualified to answer any question dealing with con games and swindles. I just forgot that you post here on the forums.
  6. Descartes,

    No need to apologize. You were mistaken, but you were not out of line with your comment.

    My "think again" probably came across as a bit "snarkier" (is that a word?) than I originally intended it to be. I assure you I was typing with a grin on my face, not a look of disapproval.

  7. Thanks for all your replies guys and a special Thank you to Jason England, I would never con anyone for money, its just for knowledge like last year I bought a DVD on lockpicking.

    And my real name is not Joe Garcia.

    Thanks again.
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    And yes I do watch the real hustle regularly.

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