How do you fix clumpy cards?

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  1. Because of this ridiculous heat lately it's gettin hard to maintain quality control of my decks. Now some of my cards are starting to clump up. Anyone have ways to get the cards back to the way they were?
  2. Joe Porper card clips. Available at, and

    Don't buy those stainless steel ones. I've seen proof that they don't work well.
  3. I was thinkin something that wouldnt take as much time and didnt cost like 30 bucks...
  4. Cards aren't meant to last forever. If they are clumping badly, toss 'em and get a new deck.

    Also, I don't think a Porper Clip, awesome as it is, will stop clumping. It will only help with warping and protecting the cards. If anything, the fact that the cards are squeezed together makes them clump more for a bit. I always have to spring and faro my cards a few times after keeping them in a Porper for a bit.
  5. Fanning powder.
  6. Fanning powder and sweaty palms from heat don't mesh well. Toss the deck and get a new one. That is another reason I just use regular bikes. You cannot beat the price of 13 decks for $14 bucks at Sam's or Costco.
  7. The decks aren't old. They're still stiff and clean. They're just clumping and makin horrible fans. The ones that clump the most are the karnival decks from bigblindmedia. So did my English Laundry decks. Hardly ever use em, still clumping...
  8. Are you in a humid area? Do your hands sweat? There's a lot of things that can effect cards.

    I noticed the English Laundry deck clumping pretty quickly too. They almost start to feel grainy, to me. Same thing happened with the 125th Bikes, but the bikes were much worse. It's been a long time since I opened a deck of Karnivals, but I recall them being the same as regular bikes but with different artwork.

    edit: And I repeat: Get new cards. I recommend bikes because they are cheap. Trying to fix the clumping won't do much but frustrate you in the long run.
  9. If my decks clump I just give them a rest for a couple days and use another one. Just give them time to dry out. By the way fanning powder contributes to clumping.
  10. I find that decks clump for various reasons. If it's dirt...wash the deck(provided your deck is washable). If it is just humidity I just give them a whack on the table and a few tight dribbles and they usually break free. Also, as someone else had mentioned, a few days rest sometimes works wonders on the right brand of deck.
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    That's a real deal! I'm so checking it out.

    Anyway, one thing I've found out was to remove extra cards from the box. This does not just refer to the ad cards, I mean the jokers as well. My S&M v4s clumped the 2nd day I opened it. Then I realized the box wasn't exactly a nice fit, and when I removed the extra jokers there was a small space left when 52 cards remained. Hence the cards don't exactly get forced and pushed against each either.

    However this does not apply to all decks. I am aware that Guardians' box is still a tight fit even without the Jokers, causing the cards to clump out of the box almost every time. Nonetheless, I just spring or waterfall the cards a few times and they feel alright.
  12. 13 decks of bikes in Australia would go for around 150-200 bucks. :(

    Clumping cards are not that big a deal, unless your practicing your fans. Learn your sleights with a crap deck then you can do flawless sleights on any deck.

  13. Washable decks? Either that's a joke, a very new invention, or the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.
  14. Any quality plastic coated deck is washable ;)
  15. I don't even consider plastic coated cards in the vicinity of quality. Sure, they may be washable. But they feel terrible, in my hands atleast.
  16. No Joke...I wouldn't put them in a dishwasher! but a damp cloth will clean up the following for sure, Fournier 605s and Anglo Rugs. I suspect that it might also work on an Aladdin 1001 but I find the stock gives out on those before they start to get clumpy so it is kind of a moot point with them. As for plastic coating being crappy? Well it is a matter of opinion but the Arrco's are my favorite of the USPCC standard line and while I don't recommend Fourniers and Anglos for flourishers(not the best fanning decks I have found) they are the best cards I've come across for speed and control with many "modern" card sleights. Diving Board DLs, Clipshifts, One Handed Pop-outs, and stuff like that. You are definitely going to need strong hands to handle them so rush out and buy a pack thinking they will necessarily be a good fit for your style. These boys clearly belong in the "Men's" section of the magic shop.
  17. Just keep using them. I realized a secret that's saved me tons of money. Yes, there's the whole clean hand theory, etc... But in addition, I've noticed that unless something tragic happens, your deck has several life's in it. I've actually grown more fond of a phase after the clumpy phase, more so than the fresh deck phase. I've been using the same decks for at least a month or so at a time.
  18. ya

    i know this is gunna sound weird but i put mine in the fridge and just leave a couple decks in there not too too long though or if u want it quick put it in the frezer for a little bit not long and make sure there on a shell in either area u dont want the deck getting wet
  19. Enieces I have a solution for you you need at ziplock bag and a freezer to do that it will save your cut I realize this myself and It does work so you place your deck into the zip lock back and zip it preventing any moisture to get in and place it in the the freezer for about 10-15 minute but I recommend about 11-13 minute after you let it now sit in the box for approximently 1-2 hour and take it out it will be good again since the moisture in the card will evaporate and condenses on the ziplock escaping your deck so it can perform as it is new hope this is helpful for anyone that has the same problem
  20. This has always worked for me, I was extremely upset the day my rebels started to die on me, but I just put them in a ziplock bag, stuck them in the fridge for a couple of hours and they came back, feel brand new.

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