How does one sell downloads?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nacho, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Hello all of theory11!!!

    I was purchasing some effects of Kevin Parker's Website and I payed by paypal then a the download was sent to my email, How exactly does that work??? How is the link automatically sent to my email adress, surely someone isn't just sitting at the computer sending links, also where is the link sent from?

    I was just curious how this works so in the future I will no how to do it.
  2. Similar to the whole 'Confirmation Email' set up basically man.

    They recieve information from you, it goes into a system, and sends out a link dependant on the information you supply.

    There are a fair few programs out there that do it :)
  3. yes
    video purchasing is all automated
  4. It isn't an easy step that can be answered in one line.

    It involves knowing how to program. Basically, it comes down to someone coded (or wrote as I usually say) the entire backend that delivers the link to your email, and then from there its automated. Like playing a videogame. You hit a button, something happens. No one is sitting behind the scenes controlling everything else. could pay to use a service that handles it all for you. Such as

  5. Wait, so there aren't any killer chimpanzees hiding in my TV? :p
  6. What program should I use??? What free ones are there??

  7. Well like most things in life, you'll most likey have to spend money to make money. What you pay for is basically security and all that jazz. You could just do it your self you know.

    Cheers, Tom
  8. apparently not, its a shame really:(

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