How does this sound???

Hi everyone ,
Today I came up with an effect with a deck of playing cards .it involves no difficult slieghts .


So the effect goes like this:
Spectator selects a card and looses it back into the deck (whithout showing me) .I (the performer) dribble the card to the table while my hand goes in to the dribble and reaches few cards ,lays it down on the table and eliminates cards one by one by waving my hand over the cards .when one card remains I ask the spectator to reveal her card out loud for the first time and the last card left on the table is her card .

  • The card can be signed
  • It is impromptu
  • Can be done with borrowed deck (self explanatory )
So does this routine match with any other .pls help and give your thoughts

Thanks in advance !!


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Sep 13, 2008
I don't know about "match" per se.

It reminds me of any number of classic "Find a card" tricks, combined with Grab by Mark Calabrese.
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